Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Owies!!! Oh my baby......

So it was good to hear from this girl this week. It turns out that she might be accident prone like her brother. She sent quite a few pictures from the beach....I find myself being super jealous of where she is at. Here is what she has to say this week.

Hola Everyone!!

Well this week was better than the few bad weeks we had been having but it wasn’t an amazing week! I feel like a lot happened this week so I’ll just get down to business! This week was VERY VERY VERY HOT! Wow who would have guessed? When they said Piura was the city of eternal heat they weren’t kidding! I even have the sun burn to prove it. OUCH! Also it rained a lot a lot this week. When it rains here the water stays in the streets for days! I feel bad for the areas that don’t have road and it’s just dirt because then it is just mud everywhere. 

This week we did a lot of knocking doors and contacting. By the end of the week we found 3 new people that we are teaching and they seem very promising. As for are other investigators,  we have literally taught every lesson and they come to the church every Sunday but they just won’t commit to baptism!!!!!! I just need to get them in the font ha ha. I am just so baptism hungry as Hermana Martinez says!!! It’s true! I have such great love for these people and I know how important baptism is for them and how happy it can make them to have the holy spirit be a constant companion for them. Life of a missionary I guess. 

We also had splits with the sister leaders this week. I stayed in my area and  Hermana Gutierrez came and stayed the day and night with me in Angamos. I have been nervous the whole week leading up to this because it’s my final inspection on how well I know the area how well my training has been and how well my studying is going. Also the Hermana doesn’t speak a sprinkle of English :)  That is a sarcastic smiley.... I was beyond nervous. I actually surprised myself at how well I was able to communicate with her and all the people we talked to that day. For once I was the captain now. Hermana Gutierrez said she was impressed with how well I did that day with everything! A huge weight lifted off my shoulders! She just reassured me that I am here for a purpose and that I can do hard things that I think will be impossible! My training will be done after this transfer. Now for my Spanish I know it’s not perfect but I can communicate with the people here and I’m getting to the point where I can understand a lot of what is being said to me. Now there is still those people that I am like is that even Spanish? Hahaha but you just got to laugh and go with it. 

Also an experience this week we had is there is this man that sits outside this store that we buy waters and such every week. Well he always has questions for us... mind that he is very very very catholic. He always asks us questions like what tribe are you or you believe this and this and this that are totally false. Hermana Martinez gets really frustrated with this guy and the other day he said I have a question and we said no we don’t need to talk to you. The man said no just one question and it was about the Priesthood and we start to explain and he butts in and said false false this this and this and I whipped out a contacting card and slammed it on the table and said look if you have questions here on the web page you can ask them and there is people to answer your questions here. Have a good day and walked away. I swear my best Spanish comes out when I just testify and defend our church. Ha ha well enough of that. I hope to not run into him again. 

Also this week I had a bit of an accident. I was walked down the stairs of our apartment and they finished the tile the day before and mind you lots of people have been walking on this floor all day! Well I stepped off the last step and my foot went right through the tile! At first I didn’t think it was a big deal and wanted to keep walking but then I looked down and there was a lot a lot of blood. The Bishops wife helped me clean it up, but it was very deep like maybe need stiches deep. I really didn’t want go to a sketchy clinic so I just keep it clean and covered and hopefully it will heal :( 

So this week for p-day we had plans to go to the mountains but they fell through. So we went to Paita! I was so wishing to go to the mountains but the next best thing is the beach. We went with a couple Elders and Sisters in Paita. Hermana Pay was there. It was fun to play on the beach and explore Paita. There was a ton of bugs though.... ugh! 

Well anyways.... this week is transfers so I don’t know what will happen but I am guessing I will stay here and get a new companion or me and Hermana Martinez will stay one more transfer because of baptisms. 

Hope all is well back home!!

Love Hermana brown

Oh my heart...this is how she took every picture from age ten to sixteen. Haha! Memories!
 I wish I was frolicking in the ocean behind her...sigh
Hermana Brown and Hermana Martinez
The group of missionaries that she went to Piata beach with.
This is the tile that she fell through. Of all the luck!
OK this looks like it hurts really bad. So swollen. Oh my baby..... and I forgot to remind her that she has a round of Antibotics in her medications.
Sunset from my apartment. This is the real sunset picture that I wanted to show you guys! The sunsets here are incredible!!!
So one night we got out of a lesson at 9:15 and it was pouring rain!!!! We had to book it home! Yeah we were drenched!!!

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