Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peace out...

Don't you just love our new sunglasses? Don't you know that it is cool to have the glasses cover your entire face? Also, neon is back!!! YES
Sometimes one pair of sunglasses does not protect your eyes from those pesky UV rays. If your eyes are feeling a little sensitive, put on two pair like Madison did.

Oh, and putting your fingers by the side of your eyes and making a pout face is all the rage too. My mom has a memory card full of us using this ultra cool pose.

This is the way we ride our bikes. We don't want to get to close to the road now do we? We would rather run into the the flower pots.

We don't ride our bikes nearly enough. We only like to ride them when all the daycare kids are gone and mom is trying relax on her chair on the porch. If mom is sitting there, we can make her time us while we ride around the block. We need to know how many one one thousand, two one thousands it takes for us to get back to where we started. We would not dream of letting our mom just sit there. Her mind always has to be doing something or she might dream up nasty chores for us to do.

Hey, is this my blog????

I have been a bad girl. I have not updated my blog in forever. (I have made my bed three time in a row though!) This is the summer. You actually think that I get a turn on MY computer?? Right. I think that the thing is on non-stop the entire day. Kari, you have made me see the wickedness of my ways and I am going to make a more conscience effort to update regularly. So much has happened since the temple incident.

It has rained so much. We have had the most beautiful rainbows this last month. I was able to catch this one with my camera. It had 2 arches and they were both complete arches. I wish that I had a wide angle lens, but I had to get the full rainbow in 2 pictures. I had to turn my sprinklers on yesterday. I love that I did not have to pay for water for the last month. I hope that my lawn, flowers and tomatoes are not going to expect me to drowned them everyday the rest of the summer.
I have read this series. It was really good. Now don't go thinking that I have been reading all month, it took me 5 days to finish the series. How many of you have read it? I have a feeling that this might be how it all goes down. I need to get my food storage updated.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Temple Open House

Last night, I had the opportunity to tour the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Kendall was taking the Young Men in our ward and had extra tickets so me and the girls tagged along.
The Temple is beautiful. If was fun to see the girls reaction. They especially loved the chandeliers in the Celestial room and the Sealing rooms. Madison says that she want to be married here. Aushlynn wants to be married in the Hawaii temple. I mention this so everyone can start saving to attend her sealing!
You know me, I cannot go anywhere without drama. To start off the excursion, it was raining. Not just light showers, but it was coming down. No worries, we took a umbrella. So, can I tell you that I parked in the world's largest mud puddle in the parking lot? Me and the girls shoes were caked in mud. Just what you want before you enter the temple. I kept thinking, we need to get this off before we go through. Well, before you actually tour the temple, you get to go into one of the tents and watch a 12 minute movie. In the back of the tent there was a coat check and on the table was a box of tissues. This gave me an excellent opportunity to wipe shoes off, RIGHT??? I pulled the last two tissues out of the box, I am pretty sure that I need more than two. Oh well, it will have to do. I walk over to a single chair in the back of the tent and sit down. Well sorta, the chair crumpled to the ground. I don't know who many people saw. Kendall did and so did the girls and I am sure a bunch more people. How humiliating! I am not really even that heavy! I am sure that this chair was put in the back...alone.. for a reason. (why no Holy Ghost prompting???) Why don't I ever look before I sit???? So, the people who went through the tour with me, they got a bonus tour of the temple garment. Your welcome!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I cannot believe it! I have a 16 year old. Dyllon turned 16 on Monday. Who even gave my kids permission to age me?? Dyllon did not want a party. He is a party pooper. We did go to the Bee's game and Dyllon went too. Not with us of course. He went with a group of friends on my dime. I guess that we are not cool enough to hang with any more.
Beware everyone, Dyllon has his drivers permit. He is out on the road behind the wheel. Scary! He won't officially have his license until November. Tip for those who have kids coming of age. Get their social security card. They need to have it to get their permit. Oh, and when it comes in the mail, don't give it to them, they will lose it and you will have to spend another day at the social security office.
Last night Dyllon was a usher for the Oquirrah Mountain Temple open house. When I picked him and Scott up he was telling me how the sister missionaries we complaining about how cold it was. I made the comment: "So, you were hobnobbing with the ladies huh? " Dyllon laughed his butt off and banned me from ever saying that word again. Kids do say that! The older ones in the mall, I have heard them!!!