Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This is what you do when you are bored and have two 7 year old's to entertain? We had a good time. By the way his name is FRED! The bus stop kids better not knock him down!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I would rather........

Why does nature have to throw this kind of blizzard at us????

I would rather have this kind!

I'm just sayin'!

Hey......Who wants to bring me one?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow way.....

Yesterday we woke up to 14 inches of snow. I guess it was winter's way of say..."Here I am..did ya miss me???" Newsflash...I did not miss it at all. Me and Kendall got up and started the search for boot and gloves. Why is it that I can spend over $100 in gloves last year and I can't find a single matching set this year? UGH! I hate that! I was able to find both of my boots though! I did find 2 black gloves, non-matching of course and Kendall had a black one and a teal one. What must our neighbors think? Anywho.....We got started into the shoveling and Kendall gets a phone call. He leaves and goes in the house to make calls to the teachers quorum to assign the boys to, get this, shovel people's sidewalks and driveways. Can't he assign someone to shovel ours? This leaves me alone shoveling.............forever alone shoveling. The whole time I was thinking........Is this not why I birthed 2 boys.....to shovel the stinkin snow for me? I guess not! And why in the @#$#@ did we choose a corner lot!!! Why do we not have any %$^$ gas in the snow blower??? Another question? Is anybody else as anal at shoveling snow as me? I need to have the entire sidewalk from grass to grass cleared and the driveway entirely cleared. Kendall on the other had is fine with just a path! AUGH!!!!! It drives me crazy!

Snow now ya know!

* FYI....Kendall came back and shoveled after he made his phone calls......I was not left alone the entire time!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I must confess......... I married an older man. I mean....he practically robbed the cradle because he is so much older than me. Today, he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Yep, you guessed it.........He turned FORTY! But just because he is an old man does not mean that I love him any less. In fact I love him more!
Today at work, somebody gave him a headstone as a present. I guess that I will just have to take mine back and find him a different present!

p.s. go broncos!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Organic Adventure!!

So....I have made the decision to only buy Organic foods. Why you might ask?? Well, it is a long story. To start off, Madison and Avery have a autoimmune disorder called Alopecia Areata. Basically the disorder is whenyour immune system attacks your hair follicles and causes your hair to fall out. Pretty sucky right? Not much is know about the disorder and there are no know cures. Right now, Madison is suffering what we call a loss. This is her 3rd loss. Avery has had 3 in his life time to. I as a mother have been in duress of this for the last month wondering what I can do to help. I have though and prayed about this a lot. I keep going back to the Word of Wisdom......I follow that right???? Well, I guess when I look at it I could be better. The phrase; "IN SEASON" keeps popping out to me. I mean let me explain it like a tomato. I love a garden fresh tomato. I have been know to take a salt shaker out to a tomato field and just eat away. Now..... a tomato in a grocery store is just nasty to me. Eww...they taste gross....nothing like a fresh tomato. I guess that the difference is that a garden fresh tomato is not laced with chemicals to make it grow bigger or keep the bugs off. It is not pick green and had chemicals put on it to ripen it up. I just have a strong feeling that it is the chemical and hormones and pesticides that are put on non organic food that are causing the problems with my kids. I call it my personal revelation that I have been praying for. Now, you would think that going organic would be fairly easy, but it is not. I mean have you seen the cost of organic meat?? YIKES!! But, I have made a commitment to treat the source of the problem and not the symptoms. Now four members of my family are on board with the organic, two are not. I do not see what the big deal is but Dyllon and Avery are fighting me big time. THE BUGGERS! They keep telling me that they won't eat it and that they need MAN FOOD. I think that they are food morons! I was really proud of myself on Sunday for making an all organic meal. We had roast chicken, potatoes and carrots and a fresh fruit salad. It was so good.........but Dyllon and Avery would not know because they were fighting so much about organic and telling me how stupid I was that I told them that they were not welcome to eat at my table. So there! I am so mean! I hope that they do not starve, because I am not buying anything different for them.
When you look at the pictures do you see nasty and gross food? I really do not see a difference. I have tried to explain to them, but they are denser than a bran muffin that has been sitting out for 3 days! Anyway..... I am excited to go on this new adventure. I mean really you can just make about anything using organic ingredients that you can using other ingredients. Hopefully, we will start seeing some new hair growth for Madison soon.
Oh.....and while I was looking for pictures if organic foods I came across this picture of ORGANIC COKE! Won't Kendall be happy! Now, I can just find organic DR PEPPER!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

14 and counting..............

Oh my.........can you believe that this girl is 14?????? I can still remember the day when I found out that I was pregnant with her. It was a snowy day. I was not feeling well........Avery was about 4 months old. Kendall was outside shoveling the driveway.....seriously it was about 8 feet high around the garage. It just kept snowing and he kept shoveling that year. I took a test...............I passed it I guess be cause I got a +. I called Kendall in and told him. I think that I stressed him out because you should have seen him shovel after that!

For her Birthday, all that she wanted was money. So that is what I gave her. I think that she was disappointed. So later in the day I took her to the dentist because she was complaining about her tooth hurting...................and they pulled it for her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSH!

She also had the youth etiquette dinner on her birthday! We made her go..........we are so mean! I did take over a bouquet of balloons, a happy birthday tiara, a confetti gun and I put candles in her brownie sundae and took it in so the whole youth group could sing Happy Birthday to her. I am a super awesome mom to embarrass her like that!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Go Here......

Go here........ http://debreynoldsphotography.blogspot.com/2010/08/dyllon.html just do it........ you will be glad that you did!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What did you say???

This is Nolan.........

This is Brody.............
They are three. Sometimes they say the darnedest things. They were playing with Thomas and friends trains and Nolan turned to Brody and said: "Hey..........don't touch my boobs!" I just about peed my pants laughing so hard!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Last night was sooooo exciting! I learned that I have my 1st blog stalker! I know.....Cool huh! My friend Tina says that her friend thinks that I am the funniest person that she has never met! Her friend probably said that I was the funniest looking person that she had never met. It is probably just a big misunderstanding! Well.....anyway! WELCOME BLOG STALKER! I hope that I can continue to make you laugh! It is a lot of pressure though!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Avery!

Today Avery is 15. Well, if I am being honest......he was 15, 4 days ago. I did however create a draft on his birthday to fool everyone into thing I was an awesome mom and posted this on his actual birthday! Some things about Avery: He is a friend to all. This boy has so many friends that it is scary to have a birthday party. Really it seems that I buy a present a week because one of his friends is having a birthday! He is awesome at any sport that requires a ball. He just has raw natural talent. He is super stubborn. He only will wear one kind of shoes: VANS! He is a good student and works hard in school. We LOVE him! Just thought that I would warn everyone that he will be getting his drivers permit anytime...............you have been warned!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girl's Camp......... I mean Girl's Pool

AAaahhh ......... Camping...........One of my favorite things in the world to do. Let me ask you a question? How does the forest get so green and lush? Ask Aushlynn and she will tell you!

Last Night at Girl's Camp.......they had a awesome time! A little rain never hurt anyone Right???

At least she had her blow up mattress as a floatation device!
Here is a song for everyone:
When ever I hear the song of a bird, or look at the blue, blue sky.....When ever I feel the rain on my face, or the wind as it rushes by. When ever I sleep in my warm pillowtop bed.......and snuggle my feather duvet.............I glad that I'm not at Girl's Camp tonight.......... and that I was called to lead the music instead!

Have fun LADIES!

**** Please note that I am not actually at girls camp and I googled rain/tent and came up with the picture.....this is not actually what it looks like at girls camp.....maybe it is.......but it is how I imagine it!***

Monday, August 2, 2010

Satin Sheets.....

This weekend we went up to Preston. I have no idea why we feel such a need to see the rodeo up there each year, but we do. It is That Famous Preston Rodeo after all. Remember how I told you that my grandma was hurt? Of course you do.... it was only 2 posts ago. Well, while we were up there.........she let me sleep in her trailer......in her bed............in her SASSY Leopard print covers..........with brown satin Sheets! My Grandma is more SASSY than I thought. I was slipping and slidin' around all night! But.......I think I want to sleep there everytime I go up there....her bed is like a little piece of heaven........not like the Fred Flintstone's garage sale beds that are in the guest room at my Mom's house!

The Rodeo was fun..........the walk to it not so fun. I went to the Dr. on Friday because of my "Stupid Foot" disease. He says that I have Plantar Facitis. I think that I have a torn Peroneal tendon.............but Kendall thought that it was no big deal to park 20 miles from the arena. OK....maybe it was only half a mile....maybe less........but when your foot hurts.........it feels like a marathon.

The rodeo participants were great! Some were a little sick in the head.... I mean you have to be to get on a bucking horse or a bull........or jump on a running steer with horns! The clown was super funny!

We were disappointed in the parade. All it was......was HORSES and 1 marching band. I think that if you owned a horse in Preston or any surrounding area you were required to be in the parade. I did not know that they had that many horses in Idaho.
We had a great time this weekend. While we were there I painted my Grandma's toenails and fingernails. They are so beautiful. She is like my girls though.............always messing them up. We had to touch up the fingernails a few times! :0)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Greatest American Hero

Aushlynn has recently found out that she has super powers. I do not know if it was something that I ate when I was pregnant with her.......or maybe she was bit by a radio active spider. Anyway....
She is not to good at flying. She just about ran into me as I was taking her picture. The time before she ran into the shed out back and knocked the doors off. You can see the evidence in the picture. I think that she flies like Ralph on the Greatest American Hero.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grandma Great

This is my Grandma. She is great! Right now she is not feeling so great. She usually lives in St. George, but has decided to take a break from the heat and stay at my parents place, in Idaho, in her 5th wheel. It is nice. She even has a animal print comforter on her bed. My Grandma is SASSSSY!
On Sunday, she was straighting her rug at the entrance of her humble abode and she fell. She broke her pelvis in two places. See.....I told everyone that camping is never a good idea! Now she is either bed or wheelchair bound for the next two weeks. Worst part is..........now she can't even go to the Rodeo! :0(

I learned today that she is working on a new dance move called the Grandma Shuffle. I am sure that once she perfects and patents the move we will see her video on youtube or maybe on America's Got Talent!
I hope that she starts feeling GREAT really soon!

WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA! See you on Friday!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Princess Fizzles Bryant

A few weeks ago we were able to go up to Idaho and see Dani. Dani is the runt of the family, I mean the baby. (although she is waaay to skinny). A few years back she spread her wings and flew all the way to California. She found an awesome job at Target and they keep her super busy. So busy that she has only been to the beach 3 or 4 times! Can you believe that? She also found something else at Target: BRANDON!

I am not sure how many times that Brandon has been out of the big city.....but he loved the nothingness of Idaho. Brandon is a musician,, but I have never heard him play. He also works at Target as a Security Guard. But......he doesn't get to carry a gun. Poor boy. He is taking psychology classes and I am pretty sure that he was analyzing my family the whole time. (this is where you should run Brandon!) He would always say some random number.....I think that he was up to 72 when I left. Not sure what that was about. He is married to my sister in facebook. I am pretty sure that I am his favorite facebook-sister-in-law! Guess what??? When they do get married for reals.....I get to be the 1st one to know. Dani promised. You see......Dani and I never get told anything. She is going to let me be the 1st to know something........I promise that she will be the 1st to know if I ever have another kid. Its a win win for both of us.

Oh yeah, Brandon is a wanna be Pyro. He spent like 50 bucks on 10 fireworks. They are against the law in California. (he could have got the big pack at Harmon's for $47) Brandon...you should have been here when we lit fireworks off on the 24th....you would have loved them!

The best thing about Brandon is he thinks that I am funny!

This is my sisters dog....I mean baby.....Fizz. He is cool. He is famous to. He had a huge article wrote about him in a paper in California. He likes to pee on everything and I mean everything! Brandon lets fizz lick him on the lips.....eww. Fizz was licking other places and I would NEVER let him lick me on the face.

Dani and Brandon and Fizz.......you need to come and visit me and we will teach you how to DUTCH OVEN! I mean really Dutch oven! ...............We're having Chocolate Malts?!?!?!

Monday, July 26, 2010

5th Grade

Today is the 1st day of School. I don't know who is more excited Me or Madison. She enters the 5th grade today and her teacher is Mrs. Barbiero. Madison is not to excited about her teacher, she has not heard good things about her. I told her to just give her a chance and form her own opinions! By the way, I was a AWESOME MOM today. I made scrambled eggs with ham and waffles for her breakfast. I hope that she has a great day. I cannot believe that my baby is in the 5th grade!

By the way........Madison LOVED her teacher! Her teacher will let her bring snacks for the middle of the day! She is excited for school tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trip to Denver

We took a family vacation to Denver a week ago. We had tons of fun! We left early on a Saturday morning and got to Denver Saturday afternoon. Kendall and the boys immediately headed down to Coors Field to watch the Rockies and the Padres play. While they were there they got their picture taken with Ubaldo Jimenez. He is the Rockies star pitcher that started the All-Star game this year. They loved it! They also won that night.

The next day the whole family went downtown early and walked around the 16th street outdoor mall. They had tons of stores. Ten blocks worth to be exact. We then all headed back over to Coors field to watch a second Rockies game. They didn't win this one, but it was still a blast.

On Monday, we headed over to Elitch Gardens. This is Denver's Amusement Park. It's an Amusement Park and Water Park all in one. They had some very fun roller coasters that we all loved. Late in the day as the temperatures were around 95 degrees, we rode a ride that got you soaked. It generates this gigantic wave that no matter where you are sitting, you get swamped. Avery, Maddy, Mindy and I were the only ones that braved it. Aushlynn and Dyllon chickened out. We rode it twice. It felt good because it was so hot.

On Tuesday, we headed over to Water World. This waterpark is huge and has been featured on the Travel Channel as one of the top ten in America. We loved the raft rides that your family can all ride together. They had Journey to the center of the earth, Storm, and Pharohs Revenge. They also have this huge wave pool that generates a 15 foot wave that demolishes everybody in it's path. So FUN! We got there when it opened and stayed until it closed. We were having so much fun.

On Wednesday, we left Denver and headed back to Utah via I-70. When we got back into Utah, we headed over to Arches National Park. We bought a National Park Pass earlier in the year when we went to Bryce Canyon and Zion's National Park, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to see another National Park. We decided to Camp overnight just outside of Arches. It was HOT!!! At Ten O Clock it was still 100 degrees outside. We camped right next to the Colorado River which we thought would be cooler. Nope it was still very hot. Everyone had a hard time sleeping. Still the night sky was fantastic with the bright stars.

The next morning we got up and headed into Arches early. The rock formations there are unbelievable. God has blessed us with some very neat things on this earth. I am glad that I am able to live in a place that gives me the opportunity to witness them. After Arches, we headed home. We had a great time as a family and was glad that we could spend the time together.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


There are a few things in life that I dislike. Most of them include either onions, mushrooms or peppers, (no fajitas for me....ew..) traveling in the car or camping. We went on a family vacation to Denver and on our way back we stayed at Arches...........CAMPING!!!

Now, don't get me wrong. Nature can be beautiful when viewed from afar or in pictures. I just don't like to be in it. Especially when I have to sleep in it. It is dirty, full of bugs and HOT as 50 hecks!

And it smells super bad at times. Have you ever had to use one of these at 3:00 a.m. in the night with a flashlight? NOT FUN! I guess that I should not have drank 3 water bottles in the night. But, honestly I thought that I was going to die of dehydration because of the heat. I had.....I mean really had to go........I had no choice. I really did think about a bush.....but then I scratched that idea. Did you know that bugs in the night are attracted to light. They were attacking me! Assaulting me really!

We were right on the Colorado river. It was pretty and sounded nice. (that was until I had to go then it sounded like torture)

This is one of the pictures that I took from the campsite.

This is where I slept.......or at least attempted it. A tent.........I know! I am super brave. It was seriously at least 90 degrees. I don't know how Kendall fell asleep so fast. He was like......I am tired.....I am going to sleep now and then..........ZZZZ.....SNORE.....HONK...(insert semi's shifting down the highway noise here!) It was pretty much the worst night of my life! The kids complained for hours and then finally fell asleep........How they did it I don't know?? I think I finally passed out of heat exhaustion around 4:30 am.

I think that I have camped enough for my lifetime!
I think that I will stick to the Hiltons next time around! Now that is my kind of camping......with a bed and a pool!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday Dyllon!

Dyllon turned 17 years old today. Does this make me old? Dyllon does not like his picture taken, so I have to post shots like this one here. He is a happy child for the most part. So, about Dyllon: He likes sports. He enjoys wrestling, football and an occasional game of dodge ball. He has what I call useless sports knowledge. The boy, for some reason, has a file of sports knowledge in his head that stores information from before he even existed. He can pull stats out of nowhere. To bad that he can't use this skill in school. Dyllon has a job, he is a umpire for the Utah Union. He LOVES umping the younger kids! It's pretty much his FAV! He enjoys playing video games. He is fantastic at texting, I do not know how he can type so fast on such a small keyboard. Dyllon does not like school or mowing the lawn. I would say that he is a typical teenager.

Happy Birthday Dyllon!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All About Aushh(:

Alright.. Hey Everyone, This Is Aushlynn I Am Pretty Bored So I Am Gonna Upload Some Photos Of Me And Maddy(:

Me & Maddy(:

Me & Maddy(:


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last night, I was coming home from school. It was about 8:30. I was kinda depressed because I did not do as well on a test as I wanted to. I was traveling on Bangeter highway. I looked down at the speed odometer and thought what am I doing? I was driving at 45 miles per hour on a 55 mph road. This is not typical for me. I usually am pushing the speed limit. I started to speed up...... Right in front of me about 50 yards ahead a car started rolling on the freeway and it clipped the rear end of the car that was in front of me. I was shaking.....who wants to witness that. I pulled over and I called 911. I just sat there after talking to 911. I was thinking. Oh my heck....what if I would have been going the speed limit? I would have been right behind the car that go hit in the back. That car would have smashed into me. I guess I can now say that it was a blessing that I did not do well on my test. I get to drop one test anyway and I know what one it will be now. I am glad that I am safe.

Monday, January 25, 2010

By the light of our ipods..........

This morning was bad.............the power went out at about 6:55 a.m. We are a family that does not function well without light. It was funny to see Dyllon brush his teeth by the light of the mini computer. He had to be able to see the water hit his toothbrush. Aushlynn and Avery were combing their hair and brushing their teeth to the soft glow of their ipod touch.

A good mom would have broken out the flashlights or the candles. A great mom would have fired up the generator. Well, I am neither of those. I guess that I am not ready for a emergency. So................ it looks like I need to stock up on some batteries, buy some flashlights that we can actually find, get candles, maybe look into getting a generator and fuel, and probably stock up on propane.

I did assure the kids that they would be having school. The schools have generators, they are better prepared then me. (please.... oh... please.... don't let them cancel school!)

I was thinking about the earthquake in Haiti while the power was out. I felt really ungrateful for what I have. I was having a pity party that I have no power while these folks pretty much have nothing. It kinda put having no power in perspective.