Tuesday, January 31, 2017

and then I totally redeem myself......

I know.....I have been absolutely terrible at posting Aushlynn's letter and pictures.....and then I totally redeem myself by posting one yesterday and today! Go me! I  still need to catch up...I will....don't expect to many miracles at once. In other news....we are down to 91 days...can I get a woot woot!

Here is what the Peruvian princess had to say:

Hey everyone…I am doing great today.  You would never guess this…but it is super-hot here today! Ugh! We got a little bit of rain the first part of the week but now it’s just hot. I promise you people you don’t want to live in a hot climate all the time. I am covered in sweat 85 percent of the day. Air conditioning is not optional here…..but it is almost nonexistent…. Be very grateful for 4 seasons. Because the roads here are not made correctly the water from the rain ruins them.  There are huge holes everywhere.

My mini missionary does not want to leave, but she will be leaving next Monday on transfers.  I also hooked her up with some clothes, she was very thankful.  I brought way too many…but I have been sharing them everywhere I serve. I am not planning on bringing many clothes home, only the things I have bought here…and Mitch Barnes shorts of course…. Today we went and shopped around a bit for pday. We also rode a few amusement rides at the mall. We rode the swings and a ride called the fireball……yes it went in a complete circle…..it was the first time my mini had ridden one….she freaked out…lol.

I have an interview with Presidente on Wednesday.  I am going to hopefully get my transfer information out of him. Haha I am not sure how many Hermana’s are coming in on this transfer, but I think it is four.

Are investigators are doing well. We are still waiting on a marriage…and let’s just say it is complicated. I sent you a video of us singing for a zone conference.  I have the real thing…but it is just too big to send. Zone conferences used to be every 3 months, but it changes to every transfer so I still have 2 of them.

I gotta go, be well be in contact next week. Love you all so much….also tell my brothers and sisters hi for me!

Hermana brown

This is the fireball....it goes in a complete circle....my mini freaked out...lol...it was awkward in a dress!
Me and my mini missionary
Swings...the breeze was heavenly!
Me and Prezzy Razzy at the Puira Vida cup
Elder Hill....she will see him at his homecoming in September. The guy in the back though...haha

Zone conference.....
The Zone
Singing with the Elder's

Monday, January 30, 2017

99 days....well it was a week ago...

Aushlynn hit her 99 days left in the mission......well she did last week. I seriously don't know what is wrong with me and why I have not posted. I have just been super busy and blogger has been being difficult. Here is what she had to say.

Hey everyone!

This week has been super hot and also rainy! On wednesday the people say was the hottest day we have had in awhile here in piura..... awesome! I had a huge headache and now i know why. Despite that we had a awesome week! 

This week we found a man who has a friend in the church, so he already knows a lot about it. We had an awesome lesson with him, and he asked us for a Book of Mormon. So YEAH we brought one to him the next day. And he came to church all 3 hours. Participated in the lessons and all. So awesome. His name is Geraldo, we are super excited about him.

We also found a lady this week named Angela. She had the missionaries about2 years ago. She gained a strong testimony, was going to be baptized, but couldn´t because she isnt married. And the man she lives with was baptized years ago, but doesnt want to return to the church. But we know there is a reason we found her, and we can find a way for them to get married and her to get baptized. We can see her testimony.

We had the soccer tourament again today! I loved seeing all the people from the mission! We didnt win but its whatever! I got to see a lot of my friends including elder hill! That is the last time i will probably see elder hill until his homecoming... weird. 

All is well here in capullanas... as my time is winding down its starting to hit me how much i really do love this place and these people and how much i will miss it! 

Herman brown

Thursday, January 5, 2017

I am a slacker

I have been terrible at putting up Aushlynn's letters lately. I am going to get the last few weeks up soon. I am sorry...I have been lazy....had time off and...well it was just a snow ball effect.

In Missionary news...our girl did not feel so well....she is worried she has Dengue.....she has been getting eaten alive by mosquitos lately no matter how much repellent her slathers on...:( she cut her email time short so she could go lay down and rest. Please keep her in your prayers.

Hey guys!! 

Well lets just say Satan has really started attacking the missionaries here in Piura...... WITH THIS HEAT WEVE BEEN HAVIN! Holy cow.. my laundry lady is getting all mad that I got so many clothes but its not even my fault. Literally sweat from every pour. No big deal. 
Okay..... so first week with my mini missionary was good. Rumor is true she is very shy and well has yet to speak in a lesson. I literally have no voice. Little by little though. She has never even been out with the sister missionaries before so that's cool. She told me the first day that she didn't really have a desire to serve a mission but after this week she is now thinking she wants to serve one! She is super sweet. 
HAPPY NEW YEAR OR FELIZ AÑO NUVEO! Wow so this was my 2nd New Year's here and let me just tell you that I don't even want to be in Peru again over this holiday..... haha but for real. We were invited to dinner with a member family that I love!!! This family is the BEST!! Then we got to our room and waited up till 12 to see all the fireworks. It was cool for 5 minutes until all the smoke from all the junk they burn here started getting in our room and there was a party outside our room and it was like Justin Beiber had a concert out there. The music was soooooo loud and they didn't stop the party until 6:30 in the morning! I didn't sleep a wink. Long story short I totally was out in sacrament meeting. 
So rumor has it that we have a new schedule as missionaries.... well SPOILER ALERT RUMORS TRUE! 
We wake up at 7:30 instead of :630 now. 
from 7:30-10 we have to study personally and eat breakfast and shower. 
from 10am-10:30pm we are to be outside our rooms preaching! Our old schedule we could only be out until 9:30.
We need to study our language and comp study outside in parks. We have 30 minutes for lunch and an hour for dinner. 
That's the gist of it. 
Its kind of weird studying in parks but I know we will see miracles! This week we were able to find 7 people to teach and had lots of help from the members! It was a good week! We have a baptism coming up on the 14th! :)
Well I hope all is well and that everyone  had a great new years! This is 2017! New year, New me! Love you all!
Hermana Brown

Hermana Brown and her mini Missionary Hermana Chiroque
Pedicures on P-day