Thursday, April 30, 2009


We refinanced our mortgage today. We got an excellent deal. We were able to get 4.35% for a 20 year fixed loan. We were able to lower our payment and we will pay our home off 4 years earlier! SWEET! The loan went so smooth. From start to finish it only took 17 days! We could have even closed yesterday. If anybody is thinking of refinancing and needs a good lender, let me know and I will give you my guys number!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Strike that......Reverse it!

So, I received a call from my brother Charlie yesterday. He said: "I just wanted to let you know that we are not going to be getting a little boy in the fall." My heart sank. They lost a baby a few years ago. He left me hanging for a few seconds. He then said: " We are going to be getting a girl!" He is such a butt head! I told him it was a good thing it is a girl, because if not it would be one pathetic boy! So, I guess that he won't have a future motocross rider. He will have this to look forward too!
Good Luck Charlie!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Laundry.............a woman's curse

So, I ask the question: Have you ever been finished with your laundry? Once about two years ago mine was done for about an hour. It was all the way done. Dried, folded and put away. I had even washed all the blankets and sheets. It was a nice feeling until Kendall came home from work and changed out of his work clothes and threw the not so dirty work clothes on the laundry room floor. So, I guess that laundry is my lifetime curse. I do not know how it stacks up so fast. I guess that it has to do with six people living here. I tried to implement the you do your own laundry rule with the kids, but they don't care, they would rather wear dirty clothes then work! I feel that others judge me when they do this. So, I will keep plugging away and try to whittle that pile down today. Another question: Do you like rolling socks?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping in Park City

On Saturday we packed up the whole family and went to Park City. By the way, it is still winter up there. It was snowing! The goal this weekend was for me to find a really great pair of denim shorts to take on my trip to Hawaii. With 66 outlet stores it shouldn't be a problem right?? Wrong!! I found tons of these. Low rise! Who buys these?? I'm looking for something with #1 a little more coverage at the waist. Who can stand wearing the low rise stuff! I just don't have the abs to pull off the low rise. #2 Looser. Who likes the denim painted on? #3 a little longer. Okay, I am gonna be tan, but who wants to see my butt cheeks??

Here is another option that I found! Don't you think that I would look awesome in these??

Friday, April 24, 2009

When the family get together........

I know that I am posting this really late, but you know the saying; "Better late than never!" I thought that it might apply to this situation. Well, we all gathered at Mom and Dad's for as what mom called the "Great Egg Hunt!" I guess it is better than any egg hunt that I ever went to. One of the eggs had a $5 bill. It was coveted by all. I tried to convince my parents that there really should be a $1000 egg just for their kids, but it did not fly with them. Geesh....they are so cheap!!!! I don't really remember any egg hunts as kids, I think that they owe us, how about you???
I really did try hard to take good pictures, but you started the hunt before I changed my lens. I had to run to catch up. I do think that I have a really good shot of everyones best side here! (your welcome!)
The race is one to find the $5 egg. Don't forget to look in the trees!
This is Katelyn, Ryan, Kari and Wes. Don't forget to climb to the top to get the high ones!
Mac, he has found quite a few!
Maddy finding an egg in a tree!
Ryan looking to see if he has the big money egg! Nope!
Katelyn, "I think there might be one"
Hi Kari, since you never post yourself on your blog, I thought you would appreciate me putting you on mine! Hey, at least it not a butt shot again!
Dyllon and Avery. Are you ever to old for a Easter egg hunt? I think not! You look so manly with the purple baskets!
Here is a picture of dad. You know the one who likes the mute button! He can't remember where he hid all the eggs!
Did you get anything good? He found an egg that had $.50, you can almost buy a candy bar Dyllon! LUCKY!!!
Maddy, what are you up too? Hey, you stole the egg that I found! Wait, it's the one with the $5! Give it turkey!!!
Poor Dolly, Ryan and Jakoby are scared to death of her. She has been banished to her leash. She just wants to run with the kids. So sad!!
Here is Mac, future Super Cross Champion! He likes to get a kiss with each trophy that he wins! True, his dad told me!
Watch out! Crazy drivers!
Close your mouth, you are going to get bugs in there!
How many times did they ride up the lane? I think over a hundred times! They love doing this!
This is Jakoby! He is bananas! Ask him, he will tell you! He is such a sweetheart! He is in first place right here! Kicking Avery's butt. Speaking of first place, this young man is the champion! Champion of what you might ask? Jakoby took first place in the pinewood derby! His car smoked all the rest! He is awesome!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


So in preparation for Hawaii I have decided to go tanning. I might not be my ideal weight, but dang it, I will be tan! Problem is I should have wore what she is wearing.You see, I have a few areas on my body that never see the sun. And I mean never! Those area right now are a little itchy! I did not sleep to well last night because of it. All that I could think about was the itching.
This kinda reminds me of my only other experience with tanning. It was when I was at Ricks College. Me and some of my roommates thought it would be a good idea to go tanning before a formal dance. I am sure that it was not my idea because I was a farm girl from Clifton and we did not have this sort of thing in our parts. If I wanted a tan in high school, I had to move sprinkler lines in a Bikini! (or lay on the trampoline all day) Well, long story short, I think that I tanned that day for 30 minutes. I was naive enough to think that I could get a tan in one day. I was fried! Not a pretty tan, but a crispy red. Two days later was the dance and I had to wear the (torture) formal. It was so bad. That lace insert at the chest region just about drove me mad! Ah memories!!

Right now, I would not say that I am fried, just light pink in um..........some areas. Oh yeah, I have prepaid for the visits so you know I am not smart enough to be done already!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A gift!!! for me......

Yesterday was my lucky day! I have been taking an English class that is online and I have had to meet with my class every Monday morning from 8:00 to 9:00. Usually it is not so bad, unless my girls are off track. Then they bug me the whole time I am in class. Well, not only did the girls go back on track yesterday (Hallelujah) but it was the last time that I had to meet for my English class. Now, if I can only get the last paper finished! (Hopefully I can get that busted out this evening!) Funny thing, during class, our teacher puts us in what is called breakout rooms. We are usually in the rooms for about 30 minutes. We were supposed to discuss any questions or helpful hints for our final paper. Usually she put us in groups of four, yesterday, by accident, she put me in a group of my own. I couldn't even tell her. I was lonely. I felt like the kid who is not chosen to play kickball! As you can imagine not to much was discussed in my group, but as a group we decided to have a bowl of Special K with strawberries for breakfast. It was an unanimous decision! So, thus ends my English career! Everybody says that they will miss me because I am so funny! Great, I am the class clown! This is the last post that I made to my class! I'm throwing papers in the air!!!! It was because I am so excited for summer vacation!

Up there, that is not even the best part. I have my Chemistry lab on Monday nights. I know, busy Monday's. I have been counting down the number of times that I have left each week. I religiously mark it off on the syllabus after each class. As of yesterday morning I only had 2 labs left. This means that my last class will be next Monday right??? Well, lucky me! I was marking off the incorrect syllabus! My last lab was last night! Happy Monday to me.....sometimes Monday's are not so bad. Wait, I just realized, I didn't even get to blow anything up all semester! :o(
So to finish off the semester, I need to finish my last English paper and I need to take my chemistry final on May 4th. Then...........
I can go to Hawaii!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One of my brothers!

This is my brother Jeremy.

This is my brother Jeremy flexing. Nice glutes! I will make sure and get you a framed copy for your nightstand.

This is my brother Jeremy riding his hog! Hey, where is your protective gear!? TSK! TSK! What a bad example for your boys!

Greatest invention ever?

So, we went up to see my parents in Preston on Easter Sunday. This is one of the many things said that I found amusing. We were watching America's Funniest Home Videos when a commercial came on. My dad immediately hit the mute button. He then turned to me and said: "This button is the greatest invention ever!" Whoa dad, I need to introduce you to a little button that we call the doodle la doot at our house!
I personally feel that this is the greatest invention ever! I mean, I can watch my favorite shows without the commercials. Dad, I know what I am getting you for Christmas!


Yesterday I finished our taxes. I was finished 32 1/2 hours early. I really don't know why I procrastinate this task so long. We are getting a refund! Yeah!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Sorry I have not posted in awhile. I know that everyone has been on pins and needles waiting and wondering what I will post next. Some exciting news! We are going to Hawaii. Some even more exciting news! We are leaving the kids with Grandma and Grandpa Brown. That's right we are going to have 7 days child free. Can you imagine???? It is hard for me to. Well in the last 11 days, I have looked at 1,534,234,647 properties. (OK, I may be exaggerating a little, but its pretty close! Right Kory?) Who knew that there were so many places to stay in Hawaii? I think that I have looked at every rental possible. It has been exhausting! We have finally settled on a place.

It is on the North shore of Oahu. I can't wait to get there! Not only does it mean a child free week, but it means that I will be done with my finals! I am taking the summer semester off. I am going to take lots of books to read that have nothing to do with biology or chemistry! I am actually going to get to read a story! I have missed that over the last year and a half. Now don't be jealous that I am going to Hawaii, I have never gone. It's my turn!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buddy's Sick?!?!?!?!

The kids that I watch bug me everyday to let them play outside. The weather outside has been absolutely horrible. We did have a good day last week, So I let them play out back. One of them came running back inside. "Mindy, I think that Buddy is really sick! Come look at your grass."

We had the lawn Aerated last week!