Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas from La Cruz

This week has been a pretty good one.  We were able to Skype with Aushlynn on Christmas day and that was AWESOME!  She looks so good. She is super happy and just had a great glow about her!  Here is her letter.

Hey mommy and daddy!
The rest of Christmas was good! It ended up being like 105 degrees that's day. It was insane! So much different than Christmas at home. We just spent the day in a members home and played monopoly! I beat everyone! On Christmas they lit off fireworks but really they were just really loud firecrackers lol.
I also practiced my Spanish with Elder Culaca he is really cool and he teaches me pronunciation and words in Espanol and I teach him in English. My Spanish is getting better.. I am speaking more in lessons and just with the Latinos.
We have 2 people committed to baptisms on the 23rd of January so hopefully they stay strong and keep coming to church.
At times I find myself missing the cold weather but then I think wow if I was in that type of weather I would be hating it so! Haha whatever!
I miss talking sports with people. Here its just two Latino elders and they don’t even like soccer so..... Im praying for them. We played football Americano on the beach today with some of our zone. It was really fun except for the Americans either didn't like a favorite team or one of the zone leaders likes the Patriots... YUCKKKK. They were surprised I actually could catch the ball. I got a little sun on my face and on my arms but that's good lol.
I am collecting seashells to send to you! All is well here in Peru... We even got the elders to get pizza... my first pizza here. It was better than I expected it was like little Caesars but it was good. We got Hawaiian,it was like 10 soles for like 12 slices... wow how I'm going to miss how cheap things are here. Hope all is well back home!

Love you guys!
Hermana brown
One of my favorite pictures that she has sent.  Aushlynn overlooking the ocean and her mission area.
This looks like a electrical accident waiting to happen.  Apparently, this is also where the cats love to tightrope and test out there nine lives! The cats probably walk the wires to avoid all the stray dogs below!
Aushlynn gets a plate of fries and a coke on a regular basis for her dinner. It is at a place called Naky's. It sets her back 3 soles for dinner.  So, that is about a $1 here. Her Pensionista only make her the noon day meal which is lunch so she is on her own for the other two meals.
Off to the left you can see a soccer field.  This reminds me of the field that Aushlynn used to play soccer on at Marv Jenson fields when she was 7 or 8. They never watered them and it was always just a dirt patch.
The church building that she attends. It is about a 7 minute walk from her apartment so not to bad of a commute for her. It has a chapel on the bottom level that holds about 100 people. The upstairs has four rooms.  Also see her cute dress.....a lady in La Cruz makes them for 10 soles.  Me and Madi are sending our measurements so she can get us one.
This is at a fruit farm that she visited a few weeks back.
The family that owns the fruit farm are members and wanted to send bags of fruit home with them.  The fruit that she is holding is a Cacao bean and is what they make chocolate from.
Beach picture....poor girl is just suffering with the scenery.
Oh my heart...I love this picture.
Aushlynn is trying to catch a Moto....sometimes they just drive right past her.
Hermana Brown and Hermana Martinez in a Moto.
Stairway to who knows....but probably a great cardio workout to burn off all those fries and Cokes!
Oh my, Aushlynn is petting all the nice dogs that she can see.  She says that she can tell if they are nice. The dogs are all homeless and just run around everywhere.  I told her that she was going to get fleas!  Haha.
Hermana Brown Selfie!  Hey everybody......Catch you next week!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


So....Aushlynn arrived in Piura....She is no longer in South Jordan that is for sure! I have been dying to know where she ended up.  Me and Kendall have been trying to guess.  You see.....her mission President had posted a bunch of videos for Christmas of all the missionaries and we watched them all to see what one her companion was in.  We did narrow it down to 2 areas and Kendall was right as to were she was serving.  We also figured out the night before her companions name because of a Christmas card that the mission President posted with all the missionaries names one it. I know....we are nuts and have very little else to do. We are commited so you have to give us that!

So we did receive one picture this week... It is only half of Aushlynn....but half of her is better than none of her so I posted it anyway. Your welcome!
Hey Mommy and Daddy!
I’m in Tumbes.  Well actually La Cruz….it's about 10 minutes away.  It’s at the very top of Peru. My Companions name is Hermana Martinez, she has been serving for about 9 months. She speaks both English and Spanish. She has been serving in this area for about 4 months. She is from Inca, Peru.  Her trainer was Hermana Brown, a blonde from Washington…funny! My district is us and 2 sets of Elders. Two of the Elders are Americans, one is from Centerville and one is from Boise.

Traveling to Piura was an adventure. We were the first group to leave.  We left the CCM at 2 am.  We flew to Piura and I threw up on the plane. Good thing Hermana Pay had a bag for me. Haha! I felt better after that.  We got to the mission home and we were briefed on the mission.  Then Prez Ras said we could take a 2 hour nap…bless him….It was much needed!  We had tacos…that’s new! The we got our trainers.  Me and Hermana Martinez had to split because we had the farthest to travel…5 hours on the bus……it was awful….I felt sick the whole time.  When got to our apartment, I was puking my guts out until morning…but I was okay by the afternoon.

 I am doing ok…haha.  It has been a culture shock.  It is very very very humble here.  I am by the beach, but haven’t gotten a chance to go there yet.  But, I can see it from my apartment. Our apartment is very dirty and has bugs. The shower is nasty and has the coldest water.  It has been hard for sure!  One good thing that I can say is that the bugs just don’t seem to like me. I have had like 2 bug bites while everyone else continues to get bit like crazy….what a blessing!  It is hot here, but it’s not overbearing yanno? My companion is from Peru and she can barely stand the heat….weird…it is definitely my type of weather.
We teach about 6-7 lessons a day and contact a lot. We are teaching a few families with kids. Church was good. They had me bare my testimony in espanol…..I’m pretty sure no one could understand me. LOL!  The best experience that I have has so far in Tumbes is just feeling the spirit during the lessons. Even though sometimes I have no idea what they are saying…the thing that I love…in English or Spanish…..the Spirit is the same!

My visa has yet to come thru.  It looks like I have to travel to Lima in 20 to 50 days…..not sure how that is going to work.

My Pensionista is great.  The food has been pollo y aroz….. chicken and rice for every meal. It has been good so far.  All the juices here are nasty so she know knows just to give me water lol.  The only meal they eat here is lunch so we are on our own for the other 2 so I just buy fries every night….lol…..not very healthy, but they are only 2 soles and are good and they give you a lot! To get a coke it is 1 sole… I get at least one a day.  Where we get the fries is just below our apartment. They also sell chicken and burgers…but I can’t have the burgers because they are made from pork.
We get around by walking and taking motos. It is crazy here. Get this….moto rides to anywhere are 1 sole. (30cents)  Its crazy cheap here.  People sometimes whistle and stare at me… it is kinda awkward.

So funny story…….I left both pairs of roxy shoes at the CCM, Oops!  I forgot that they were under the bed….so the only pairs I have are the 2 you made me bring, my green ones and the Jesus  sandels.

Today for P-day we went with a set of Elders to a fruit farm and hung out. Christmas in La Cruz is pretty different. No lights and trees, usually just paper that say Navidad lol.
I am going to be able to skype.  I am not sure of a time but it will be towards the morning sometime….so watch for me! I can’t wait for Friday to see you all!

I love you guys!
Hermana Brown

Here are some pictures that I found of La Cruz. I am glad that my beach girl is by the beach.  I can't wait to learn more from her about the area and the people that she comes into contact with!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Lights at Temple Square

Last night we made our Annual trek downtown to see the lights at Temple Square. We were joined by Sadie and Avery's girlfriend Alex. We decided to take the Trax train because the Tabernacle Choir was having a concert and we were concerned about parking. We saw the lights...ate some Pizza....found a drivers license....made new was a great night!

Here is a shot that I took of the does not include any lights...but I thought that it was a cool shot.

Some lights by the reflecting ponds between the Temple and the Joseph Smith Memorial building.

Some more lights.

Here is a picture of the whole gang...minus me.

Avery and Alex....Note to Avery....when you are texting your girlfriend you really should make sure that you are actually texting her and not your Mom.......something are not meant for your mother's eyes! haha

This picture is blurry....but it is the only one of me in it. It could have been such a good picture if only the camera girl would have held still. I was accused of wearing mom jeans....What??...this is my favorite pair and I don't think that they scream....MOM!!! (they are so stretchy by the way and makes for the splits on the escalator know like the scene in Elf!)

This is our new friend Jackson.....we met him on the train coming home from the lights. He goes to Westlake High school....I completely embarrassed Madi and Sadie by talking to him...and asking if I could take his picture.........we did end up with his that's is the start of a budding friendship.....your welcome Madi!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

She has arrived....

One of the very hardest things about having a Missionary out in the mission field is the not knowing. We knew that Aushlynn would be leaving to Piura this week, but we had no idea what day she would leave...... let alone any flight information. Yesterday evening we received a email from Aushlynn's mission President. I about ran into the bedroom door when I saw it because I was so excited for Kendall to see it.

Here is Hermana Brown and her Trainer/Companion. Also pictured is her Mission President and his wife. President and Sister Rassmussen

Here is the letter that we received from her.

Here are a few pictures that I lifted from Facebook off the Piura Peru mission page. I am assuming that this is at the airport after she arrived in Piura.

There were six new missionaries that arrived in Piura with Aushlynn's transfer. Looks like she was the second tallest of the bunch. This must excite her. I guess she gets all that height from my good genes. HaHa. If you want to be tall go to Peru!

 Well, that is all that I know. I have no idea what area that she is serving in. Hopefully is close to the beach and she has a nice trade wind breeze. I have no idea what her companions name is. When I try to zoom in on the picture it just gets blurry. We will all have to wait until the 21st on her first P-day in Piura to find out that information. But....she does look happy! Oh, and one last observation ......she is wearing the other pair of icky missionary shoes that I made her take that she insisted that she would never wear! I think that both the brown pair and the black pair look good and I bet that her feet are so comfortable!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Last week in the CCM

Hey Everybody! I thought that I was doing alright this missionary go around.......turns out that I was wrong. Today we received the last email that Aushlynn will send us from the CCM. She will be flying out to Piura on the 15th of December. Because I am naughty.......after she sent me her letter....we emailed back and forth a few times......I know.....I just can't help myself. Well, anyway....after she said goodbye.......I broke down and cried.........for about an hour. I thought that I was okay with her being in Peru. I guess it turns out that I am okay with her being in the CCM in Peru. Her being in Piura and in the mission field in Peru is a whole new level of anxiety for me!

But........Aushlynn is super excited to get out there. She is ready to spread her wings and fly so to speak......I guess that I am going to have to learn to live with it.........AGAIN! Anyway, this is what she had to say this week.

Hola Familia!

This week has just absolutely flown by. I feel like I was just writing all of you 2 days ago! This week was pretty crazy. We are winding down here at the CCM. I am so ready to get out of here but I have seriously spent every day with my district and I have grown to love every one of them. It will really be an emotional goodbye with everyone. Good thing most of them live in Utah and I can see all their homecomings.

Fast Sunday was this week so nobody had to speak but everyone had the opportunity to share their testimonies. Missionary’s testimonies are so crazy powerful it’s insane. I have been cursed by my mom. My mom and I are just emotional every time we bear a testimony. It is quite sad. I really am a baby lol.

The spirit is so strong here it’s unreal. This week was just full of lessons and teaching my investigators. My Spanish has come a long way since the first day I got here. I use to write out everything I was going to say in Spanish and now I am just writing like the topic and just spewing Spanish it’s crazy. The gift of tongues is real. There is still a lot of things I need to learn and grammar is really hard for me but I am working every day and will probably for the rest of my mission haha.

Monday night we had a Christmas devotional and all the people from the offices and their families came and all of our teachers and their families came. It was all in Spanish and I understood almost all of it. I was pretty proud of myself.

I sang in the choir with a couple of Elders from our group and Hermana Pay. We sang silent night and it was so beautiful. When my dad blessed me with singing on my mission the lord really has haha. I find myself singing all the time here.

They have put up Christmas lights on all the trees here and have tried to make it feel like Christmas here which is so sweet of them. It makes me miss home for Christmas.

It’s starting to get really hot here because it is starting their summer here. You can usually tell what the weather is going to be like in the mornings. If it’s cloudy and cooler it will usually stay like that. If it’s clear skies you know it’s going to be blazing hot and if it’s cloudy with like rain (really it just mists here it’s weird) then it’s going to just be warm and perfect that day. The sunsets have been so beautiful here lately. Today has been the hottest day we have had here so far.

Today was our last time at the temple! It was so powerful. It really is such a beautiful temple. I have really gained a testimony about temples while being here in the CCM. Never take advantage of the temple if you have one close because lots of people here would give anything to have a temple close by. They really are so humble here.

Well I hope everyone is having a good Christmas season back home. It’s definitely bittersweet being out here away from family and friends during the holidays but I am surrounded by some pretty awesome people.

I hope all is well.

Love, Hermana Brown

Aushlynn and her District. It is going to be so hard for her to say goodbye to these good missionaries!

Aushlynn and her district after the Christmas devotional. Also, her teachers from the CCM are on the ends.

Aushlynn's district all purchased USA soccer Jerseys. She is part of a real soccer team! HaHa

They are pretty serious about it....they all put their names on the back of the Jerseys.

Some of the sisters from Aushlynn's district after the Christmas devotional.

Hermana Brown and Hermana Pay in their sic jerseys.

We can't have a blog post without a selfie from Aushlynn. Looks like she is saying...HEY!!

Aushlynn is the best sister ever....she bought Dyllon a USA soccer jersey...she says the World Cup will just be starting when she gets back from her mission and wanted him and her to be prepared. I am so excited for non-stop soccer games...not!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Peru CCM La Cuarta Semana

I see a pattern here and I am not proud of it. It is taking me to long to get her letter posted. My computer was being used yesterday by a group of two and three year olds to watch "Super Simple Songs" on the youtube. They were being so good and singing along that I did not have the heart to take the computer to post Aushlynn's letter. But I am here now and that is what counts.....right???

 Also, Aushlynn has now been gone for over a month.......she left on November 3rd and it is now Dec 4th! Only 17 more months...or 515 more days.......but who's counting?

But before I post her letter, I will fill you in on a few important questions that she answered this week. I asked her how her finger was....remember that she hurt it playing ultimate football the week before? My finger is had to be wrapped all week though. In her second letter home, she stated that she was on the top bunk and felt like she was going to roll off. She is used to sleeping in a king size bed, so I was a little concerned for her safety....anyway she answered....I have not fallen off but have seriously come close. Question number three involves her hair care products. She is a consumer of shampoo and condition. And when I say a consumer....I mean that she uses...A LOT. We packed her 2 bottles of each and she was concerned it would just not be enough. I told her she would be fine and it was a good opportunity to learn to control the addiction while at the know maybe cut back a bit. I asked her if her shampoo and conditioner were gone....She stated, its not gone...but I just opened my second bottles 3 days ago......I am not sure if she has cut back....haha. Those were 24 oz bottles! The last question that I asked is if there are any new missionaries that are going to be joining her and Sister Pay in Piura. She told me that she has met 2 new sisters, but has yet to met any Elders that will join them in Piura.

Now, for her letter......

Hola Everybody!

So I am currently freaking out because on Sunday I had a feeling that the Broncos had won. I knew it in my heart and all the boys in my district said it “wasn’t possible“. Now I am laughing in all their faces. I guess you know you’re a true fan when you receive feelings about a game ha ha. I just wish I was back home to rub it in my friends who are Patriot fans faces ha ha ;)

For thanksgiving we kind of had a normal meal. They made pumpkin pie which was delicious. We had a devotional after but all in all it was a pretty normal day.
Sunday… I escaped the hunger games draw once again. My companion wasn’t so fortunate though she had to give a talk in sacrament meeting. It seriously is the most nerve wracking thing. She did so well though. All the lessons were so powerful that day and all the food that day was extra delicious.
In the CCM we pray like every 10 minutes. I’m always thinking of things to pray for. Ha Ha.

These last few days have kind of been hard. Our group of girls got really close to two girls that left to their missions on Tuesday. Our whole district was really close to the one before us so we literally have no one to hang out with anymore but ourselves because the district below ours are kind of annoying except for one elder that’s from Herriman he is super chill.

Also the room that we have had our whole time here we had to move out of. It was sad we are Moroni 110. Now we have a stellar view of a brick wall it’s sweet… NOT.

Physical activity was just full of ultimate football. We play against the district below us. They play kind of dirty so we are not fans of them. We are currently 1-1 with them. Elder Stringham was not happy with our performance and will not accept another loss. Haha it’s kind of a rivalry here.

Can you believe tomorrow will be 1 month? It’s so crazy to me. I feel like I have been here forever but yet I look back and time has just flown by. The days just seem to mesh together because we do the exact same thing every single day like clock work lol. Only 17 more days to go.

I went out proselyting with real missionaries in lima east. It was such a cool experience. We contacted on the streets and I gave 4 Book of Mormon's away. We also had two lessons in members homes. We were in a scary area where girls were just taken out of. Yeah sketchy, but we had a boy teacher with us so it was safe. He actually was Caldon Preece’s companion. He was telling me stories about Piura and it makes me excited to get there. There is also a Papa John's and a Chili's in Piura so I’m stoked.

I miss everyone so much every day. I’ve missed my brothers most this week just because all the boys in my district have attributes of them plus its football season and that’s one thing we bond most over.

Today we got to go to the temple again. It seriously is such a beautiful temple even though it’s so tiny.

We found a new place to shop and all the girls got Peruvian pants! Oh they are the greatest thing. Whenever we get a chance to wear pants here in the CCM we do! I also got new scripture case for my Spanish scriptures and a coin pouch with real llama fur on it. It’s pretty sweet. Also my new favorite thing is saltine crackers covered in chocolate. They are soooo good! I hope all is well back at home.

Love Hermana Brown

On the bus going to the Lima Temple. (Perhaps these are the bus people from my dream 25 years ago! Haha....for those of you that get my joke!)

Peruvian pants that she talks so highly of. The picture is of all the sisters in her district and room.

Demonstrating how stretch the Peruvian pant really wonder they are so comfortable!

One of the Hermana's that Aushlynn loved that has left the CCM to start her missionary service. In other notes...does she not look so grown up in this picture?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Peru CCM Tercera Semana.....notice the shoes.......

Today has been crazy.....While I was waiting to hear from Aushlynn, I found out that there were two earthquakes yesterday evening in Peru that were rated 7.6. Umm.... not my favorite thing to hear about the country that my daughter is living in. Makes me a little uncomfortable. Aushlynn confirmed to me that she was fine. In fact...she did not even know that there was a earthquake let alone two of them. Good news!
Here is her letter from this week.

This week not a lot has gone on! It’s pretty much same old same old…Long classes that just drag on and more chicken and rice for meals. On Wednesdays they attempt to make American food and well…. At least they try.
We just got back from the temple! Seriously I feel the spirit so strongly in that temple it’s crazy. We also went to the grocery store and I bought some sweet socks and more coke! The withdrawal charge to get soles is crazy so I just took out a bunch of money so I don’t have to keep doing that!
I haven’t really felt like I am in Peru! We are enclosed in these walls and I just think I’m in like California or something. When we do go outside the walls it is a change of scenery but I don’t know it doesn’t feel like Peru besides the driving…… now that is wicked scary. There are seriously no rules on the roads here.
My Spanish is progressing, but seriously I felt like I haven’t learned all I need to here yet. Hopefully I can cram lots of things in my last two weeks. Holy snikes it’s almost been 1 month! It’s seriously flown by so fast. I don’t even remember the first days here. The days just all seem to mesh here. It’s been wild. This week everyone, at least in my district, has been just exhausted. I think everything is
starting to take its toll lol. How we count days here is Wednesday is pday…. Then just make it to Sunday (sacrament is in English) and then two days till pday.
During physical activity I and Hermana Robinson play ultimate football with all the Elders. It’s just like ultimate Frisbee but with a football. Its super fun and we both score lots. The Elders are pretty
impressed with our skills. I tried to Aqib Talib pick someone and ended up jamming my middle finger pretty bad two days ago and it’s still swollen and bruised. I have a doctor’s appointment soon….. so I will know more next week.
We had a really spiritual testimony meeting with all the English people last Sunday and it was so powerful. Seriously missionaries have the most powerful testimonies. I bore mine which was kind of awkward but I seriously was forced up there by prompting and afterwards one of the Elders came up to me and thanked me and said it was exactly what he needed to hear that day so that was super cool.
Well that is pretty much it here at the CCM this week. I love you all back home and hope you are all safe and enjoying the cold! I’m definitely not missing that. I’m praying every day for you!
Hermana Brown

Once again....notice the shoes...haha. Love that she is wearing them!

Aushlynn informed us that she will get a Thanksgiving dinner at the CCM! She is hoping that it is not a turkey dinner as she is not a fan of turkey..........we are praying that they will serve her ham! Haha. Also, this last week Hermana Brown was made a Sister Leader, so that is kinda exciting! We are super glad to hear from her...We are happy to hear that she is safe and it seems that Missionary work and her are going hand in hand.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Peru CCM Part Deuce...

Sorry I am a little late posting little's have kept me super busy this week. She is doing awesome!  She even received the package that I sent to her.....she did forget her camera charger after all and I had good reason to send one to her.  I have a problem with sending a not full goes against all I stand she was a lucky girl and received lots of love from home.  It only took 3 days shipping and $63 to get it to her! Anyway...... here is what Aushlynn had to say about week two in the CCM.
Hola from beautiful Lima, Peru!

Oh wait… I'm enclosed in these things called walls that are like 10 feet tall but its esta bien! This week I felt like the days just dragged on but as I look back it went by so fast.

We just got back from the temple and it was so awesome! It’s so cool that even though it is in Spanish the spirit is always the same! That is a little tender mercy.

The food here is same ole same ole. Pretty bland and the juice here keeps getting less flavorful! Yikes. I’ve been eating some pretty weird food here which probably comes as a surprise but when in Peru you just got to try everything.

The classes this week seemed to just drag on for hours. We taught a lot of lessons this week to our investigators and the first few were kinda rough but as we learn more Spanish the spirit just picks up where we leave off and it’s so nice.

Physical activity is my most favorite time of day because we actually get to play outside and not sit in a boring classroom. We usually play volleyball but this week we mostly played football. All the boys are pretty impressed that I could actually throw or catch a ball they threw. I and an Elder McKamey made a great team! We also worked out on a Peruvian gym lol it’s more like a playground but its whatever.

I love Sundays here. We just got to our regular Sunday meetings and then watch movies all day it was so nice. We got to even watch Meet the Mormons which was like the real world. The food is always better on Sundays as well because all the higher up people eat lunch and dinner there lol.

All my snacks that I brought are the hype here at the CCM! Everyone wants my food. It’s crazy. I got really close to some of the Latinas that just left yesterday. They all thought I was either Barbie or a princess. That’s what everyone calls me here lol. Also some of the Latinos got my email from other people so I’m kind of scared to see what I get. The boys in my district told me a couple days ago that some of the Latinos really admired me and thought I was the prettiest girl they had ever seen, hah I’m all the hype here and its whatever.

The new American missionaries got here today so hopefully I will get a chance to meet them and give them some advice on the CCM even though I don’t know much myself.

Oh also did I mention someone told someone that I sing and I had to sing in sacrament with one other sister. It went well but curse whoever said anything ha ha.

Well that was pretty much my week. I was missing mom a lot this week but I know I’m where I’m supposed to be! I love you all.
Love, Hermana Brown

Aushlynn was asked what the highlight of her week was and she said this: Probably testimony meeting Sunday night! I feel like our district got so much closer and hearing others testimonies definitely strengthens mine.

Hermana Brown and her District at the CCM. They get to visit the temple once a week on their P-Day. What a blessing! Also, notice the icky brown missionary shoes that I insisted that she take that she told me she would never wear! Already wearing them on week two! HAHA!  Mom's know best!
Hermana Brown and Sisters from her District in front of the Lima Peru Temple.
Getting Ready for lights out after a long day of studying.
Hermana Brown and her Selfies!
Poor Elder looks like he was just trying to find a peaceful spot to rest and relax....instead Hermana Brown and Hermana Moffeit interrupted his zen.
Hermana Brown and her CCM companion Hermana Pay in front of the Lima Peru Temple.