Monday, September 27, 2010

Organic Adventure!!

So....I have made the decision to only buy Organic foods. Why you might ask?? Well, it is a long story. To start off, Madison and Avery have a autoimmune disorder called Alopecia Areata. Basically the disorder is whenyour immune system attacks your hair follicles and causes your hair to fall out. Pretty sucky right? Not much is know about the disorder and there are no know cures. Right now, Madison is suffering what we call a loss. This is her 3rd loss. Avery has had 3 in his life time to. I as a mother have been in duress of this for the last month wondering what I can do to help. I have though and prayed about this a lot. I keep going back to the Word of Wisdom......I follow that right???? Well, I guess when I look at it I could be better. The phrase; "IN SEASON" keeps popping out to me. I mean let me explain it like a tomato. I love a garden fresh tomato. I have been know to take a salt shaker out to a tomato field and just eat away. Now..... a tomato in a grocery store is just nasty to me. Eww...they taste gross....nothing like a fresh tomato. I guess that the difference is that a garden fresh tomato is not laced with chemicals to make it grow bigger or keep the bugs off. It is not pick green and had chemicals put on it to ripen it up. I just have a strong feeling that it is the chemical and hormones and pesticides that are put on non organic food that are causing the problems with my kids. I call it my personal revelation that I have been praying for. Now, you would think that going organic would be fairly easy, but it is not. I mean have you seen the cost of organic meat?? YIKES!! But, I have made a commitment to treat the source of the problem and not the symptoms. Now four members of my family are on board with the organic, two are not. I do not see what the big deal is but Dyllon and Avery are fighting me big time. THE BUGGERS! They keep telling me that they won't eat it and that they need MAN FOOD. I think that they are food morons! I was really proud of myself on Sunday for making an all organic meal. We had roast chicken, potatoes and carrots and a fresh fruit salad. It was so good.........but Dyllon and Avery would not know because they were fighting so much about organic and telling me how stupid I was that I told them that they were not welcome to eat at my table. So there! I am so mean! I hope that they do not starve, because I am not buying anything different for them.
When you look at the pictures do you see nasty and gross food? I really do not see a difference. I have tried to explain to them, but they are denser than a bran muffin that has been sitting out for 3 days! Anyway..... I am excited to go on this new adventure. I mean really you can just make about anything using organic ingredients that you can using other ingredients. Hopefully, we will start seeing some new hair growth for Madison soon.
Oh.....and while I was looking for pictures if organic foods I came across this picture of ORGANIC COKE! Won't Kendall be happy! Now, I can just find organic DR PEPPER!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

14 and counting..............

Oh my.........can you believe that this girl is 14?????? I can still remember the day when I found out that I was pregnant with her. It was a snowy day. I was not feeling well........Avery was about 4 months old. Kendall was outside shoveling the driveway.....seriously it was about 8 feet high around the garage. It just kept snowing and he kept shoveling that year. I took a test...............I passed it I guess be cause I got a +. I called Kendall in and told him. I think that I stressed him out because you should have seen him shovel after that!

For her Birthday, all that she wanted was money. So that is what I gave her. I think that she was disappointed. So later in the day I took her to the dentist because she was complaining about her tooth hurting...................and they pulled it for her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSH!

She also had the youth etiquette dinner on her birthday! We made her go..........we are so mean! I did take over a bouquet of balloons, a happy birthday tiara, a confetti gun and I put candles in her brownie sundae and took it in so the whole youth group could sing Happy Birthday to her. I am a super awesome mom to embarrass her like that!