Friday, April 22, 2011


You see the most beautiful sunsets in Hawaii. The awesome thing about digital photography is that you can take as many photos as you want. I had about 1500 sunset photos to choose from. I just could not help myself. I was a little snap happy. Enjoy!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting there is half the fun......

What makes a 6 1/2 hour airplane ride better? How about a 6 1/2 hour car ride before it! We thought that it might be know adventurous! Back in December we found an awesome deal on airfare to Hawaii. We could fly the whole family, round trip, direct flights for under $1900 bucks! SIGN US UP! Only down fall was that it would fly out of Las Vegas. That not to far to drive and since we love to be in the car was no big deal. Did you know that you can listen to 81 John Denver songs in the time it takes to drive from South Jordan to St. George. It's true! It was awesome.....the kids absolutely LOVED IT! You should try it sometime. I will borrow you my John Denver collection anytime! But only if you promise to give it know..... the kids will miss it! Anyhoo, from St.George to Las Vegas, the kids wanted to start listening to my Jim Brickman Collection, but I was like......enough music kids....let's watch Mall Cop. They were pretty upset, but they got over it. We got into Vegas around 9:30 (time change) We were only 4 hours early for our flight. We decided to visit M&M World and Coke World. Do you know that they charge $13.99 a pound for M&M's at M&M World and $5 bucks for an aluminium coke bottle 12 oz at Coke World? Just a bit out of my price range when I am funding Hawaii. Anyways. We finally headed over to the airport and for our flight. We we able to fly with just carry ons. Woo Hoo! How did we pull that off. Also, when you fly Hawaiian Airlines you take off from Terminal 2. Did you know that the parking lot is right across the road from it. It was pretty sweet to park and walk in the airport. It only cost us $88 bucks to park there for 1o days. Our flight left at 1:50 AM. (2:50 AM Utah time) REDEYE I now remember that it is super hard to sleep on the plane.

Meet the Cast

We recently finished filming a Hawaiian adventure. I thought that I would introduce you to the cast of characters that we brought along. Kendall and Mindy. Financial backers of the entire operation. They did manage to sneak away a few times alone. At least they thought they did.
Aushlynn and Madison. Famous for saying Eww..I don't like that.

Dyllon and Avery. I am not sure which one is cooler?

Stay tuned for additional chapters of our saga.

Pulled Dork Sandwiches

Each morning, on a school day, I check the lunch menu to let Madison know what the school is serving and she let's me know if she wants school lunch or home lunch. The other day the menu selections were: Pulled Dork Sandwich or Chicken Nuggets. We were trying to figure out if the Dork would be fresh or frozen. What kind of sauce if any would be with it? Was it going to have a stupid or funny taste?? Was it just pulled or chopped. How big was this sanwhich going to be??? She opted for home lunch. I wonder how many Pulled Dorked Sandwichs they served that day!