Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy 16th Birthday Madi

 It is hard to believe that this girl is 192 months old! You would have thought that I would have lost all my baby weight by now.....but give me a break it has not been that long! I will start worrying after she turns 200 months old! Haha! All kidding aside can you believe that she is 16. I was looking at her Facebook and realized she is 33 in Facebook years. She has aged well. Wasn't she so cute as a baby!
Our caboose was a surprise born in the year 2000. How lucky is that??? She will always know how old she is by the year. It will come in handy believe me! I can never remember how old I am and have to do the math or ask Kendall how old I am.

When Madi was born I did not have a baby....I had a boss! She demands a lot from me! Like dragging me around the mall for 2 solid days looking for the perfect pants. She demands perfection in the wardrobe!
Here is Madi and her bestie Sadey. Sadey has been a replacement for Aushlynn. She is the other sister that Madi never had. It seems her and Madi do everything together.....they might be connected at the hip. The other day Dyllon came home and said....where are the girls.......I was like.... well...
Aushlynn is in Peru.....and he was no.....I mean Madi and Sadey. Everyone expects to see them together. Thanks for being such a awesome friend Sadey!
Here is Madi....well....being Madi! She had gotten a pair of pants for Christmas and the tag was bugging her. So naturally she whipped her pants down the the middle of the room and bit the tag off. She is super resourceful like that! Good thing she is always prepared with a pair of spanks under her pants!
She is such a fun girl. She has a crazy personality! She is a ham and loves to perform for the camera!
She has super human strength too! She actually has a few challenges in her life that she handles like a pro. Life is never fair and she just takes the punches and rolls with it!
Aushlynn wanted to make sure that Madi got some special birthday wishes from Peru. We are all excited to see her birthday present from Aushlynn when it arrives!
Nope Madi did not get this car for her birthday. Maybe in her dreams......She is gonna have to drive the Honda just like her siblings...it is a rite of passage in our family!

We took Madi to the Bonsai for dinner. We had a pretty good chef that put on a okay show. Avery lost his eyebrows.....again....sigh. We really need to work on the happy birthday song as a family...our performance was embarrassing. I guess it is pretty hard to sing with the gong and Dyllon and Avery on tambourines. We'll work on it for the next birthday.
 Madi insisted on balloons for her birthday. She is the boss so we made it happen.
 Madi's cake.....she wanted funfetti. I have a confession...I went to two stores and both were out of funfetti cake...what the heck...I substituted rainbow chip...don't tell her she will never know. The frosting is funfetti though...I pulled thru on half of the cake.
Happy Birthday Madi. Sweet 16 and never been kissed...at least I don't think so......

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