Monday, March 21, 2016

Brian Regan

For my birthday I received tickets to attend the Brian Regan comedy show. I have wanted to see him live forever. I was a little concerned I need to find a date to go with me because Kendall has been a sicko ...FOREVER! Kendall was feeling better so we headed out around 6:00. We took the Traks train....OK when did the train get so scary? I swear the two people in front of us had a chance meeting on the train. They talked for a few stops before one had to get off. After she got off he turned to his friend and said "we used to be in jail was great to see her!" You don't get better friends then the ones you bond with in jail!
We decided to get dinner at the arena. Kendall had a taco salad. I opted for Chick-fil-A. Did you know that it will set you back $12 for a chicken sandwich, waffle chips and a small lemonade? I thought it was expensive in South Jordan...I guess it's a real bargain at the resturant!
Here is a picture right before the show started. This is the best picture from the lot. We were clearly ready to hear some jokes.

Brian Regan has some great jokes...we were laughing the whole time. I love that he can take everyday boring stuff and make it funny. I also love that you don't have to worry what he is going to say. He keeps it clean. He is FAVORITE comedian!

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