Thursday, March 17, 2016

Livin' life with a Sandybum!

Sorry that I am a little late posting this week. We have had the GOMBU at our house this week. Yay us! :0(  Aushlynn should be thankful that she is in Peru and is missing out on all it has to offer us.  It got so bad that Kendall, yes you read that right...Kendall went to the doctor.  He has not been to one of those in years...maybe even a decade.  Anyway, enough about poor us......Aushlynn is doing awesome.  Here is what she has to say this week!
Daddy! Mommy! 
Wow this week was AMAZING!!!! Okay so I’m pretty much been spoiled in this area and now I am being spoiled with the best companion ever! Seriously I love her so much! In such a short time we have become like sisters! She is going to UVU when she returns home so she will be so close! Literally every day is a party with her! Also, she is so spiritual it’s crazy. I feel the spirit more than I have in a long time. She will definitely be a lifelong friend!!
This week with our investigators was so good! They are all progressing well. We have 7 with a baptism date and I’m praying that they just make it through the Mormon process lol. Their dates range from the 26 of this month to the 16 of April so YEEE!!
I had a really spiritual experience this week where I got to explain the part about Joseph Smith and say the first vision! Now I really don’t like saying the first vision because I feel like I am so not powerful enough to say it. Any who.... I just taught with as much conviction as I could muster up with my Spanish not being perfect and at the end the girl just looked at me with tears in her eyes and said I believe! Like whoa..... Then I asked her if she would follow the example of Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood and she said yes! Most spiritual experience I have had yet here on the mission. I felt so good afterwards! I feel like god gives us trial after trial and in between he gives us these little spiritual experiences that make it all worth it.
We had zone meeting this week with all the new people that had come and stayed in our zone this week! There was a few new people. We all got to introduce our companions and afterwards we had some really spiritual thoughts by our zone leaders. It was a really good meeting. Our zone is awesome! It’s the biggest in the mission. So the members we live with are just my favorite!! Last night she knocked on our door and she had pizza!! She is the BEST!!!
So this past Sunday I had to give my first talk in church. I was SOOOO NERVOUS! All week I just didn’t sleep very well. Haha I think this is the first talk I had to write all by myself. I was so wishing my dad was there to help write it haha. I had to talk about my struggles on the mission with the language but how I am able to overcome it. Now I thought to myself hahaha I haven’t overcame anything lol. The language is still a struggle for me and probably will be most of my mission. I talked about how I knew that if I just opened my mouth and testified of the things of the church that the spirit would testify to them it was true even though my Spanish wasn’t perfect! It went really well. Lots of people told me I did a good job afterwards. We have a really sweet ward. 
We had ward council this past Sunday and let me just say.... Dad I am so sorry you have to sit though these. LOL BORING! I’ve decided that everyone should just be born into the church so we don’t have to fill out tons and tons of paperwork for them haha. Also... the bishop asked Hermana Sandison to give the prayer to start the meeting and he said Hermana Sandybum will you give the opening prayer! Hahaha us gringos were laughing so hard! 
This morning for p-day we just played soccer with lots of elders. It was fun. We were the only Hermanas. It was so so hot though. I scored a goal!! Haha it was sweet.. I don’t even know how I did it but I totally made this elder dance out of his shoes and nicked it in lol. All the elders were going crazy lol. Now don’t anybody think that I am coming back a master at soccer because you’ll be dissapointed! Yeah that’s pretty much all this week!
Love you all!!
Hermana brown 
Hermama Brown and Hermana Sandybum.....I mean Hermana Sandison. Such a funny story! I hope when I get to meet her someday I call her by her correct name! Haha!
Selfie Saturday!  I like the shirt...Umbrellas.....That way her shirt will stay dry when it rains...right??

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