Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The indignity..

Today.... I had to endure being STABBED in the arm and my blood being sucked from me......and standing on a scale in front of someone....THE HUMANITY! Two of my most unfav things in the entire world.

Kendall informed me.....well reminded me a few weeks ago that we had to get our annual health screening done. UGH!  Now, its not a requirement.....but if you do get it done they give you a $100 gift card per person and an $1500 dollar discount on our health insurance premiums for the year. Who wants to have to pay an extra $1500 in health insurance??? you see... they pretty much force us to get it done!  Anyway when he reminded me about it,  I told him to schedule my appointment for 2 weeks know.... so I could lose weight and get healthy in that amount of time. Haha! I have good intentions, but life seems to just gets in the way. I should have just had him schedule the appointment for the next day because all that I have accomplished is being stressed out knowing I have to be stabbed in the arm!

I had to start fasting last night.  I KNOW!!!....They are depriving me of food too! I usually can not eat without a problem....especially in the morning....but the minute that I can't have food is when I want fast Sunday! I barely survived the night and woke up starving to death.... and Stressed out that I am getting a needle to the arm today. I guess that you could say the silver lining in all this is Kendall is going to watch my crazies for a half hour know a little break for my sanity!

My appointment was for 8:15 this morning. I arrived at 7:55. I played my Pandora LDS hymns on the way know to relax me so I would be calm. (its a nice feature to have unlimited data on my know unlike my kids who have to suffer with 2 GB...their parents suck and are so unfair!) I was the only one in the parking lot until 30 seconds before they opened and an old man pulled up.  I jumped out of the way was he butting in before me....I just needed to get this over with.

I got checked in and the guy called me back. He told me to remove my shoes and jacket and jump on the scale.  First of all he stayed in the room while I took my jacket and flip flops off...Jeez....a little privacy please.  I then verified with him that I should just stand on the scale and not actually jump on it like he asked.  I mean you never know.....maybe he did want me to jump up and down on it.....but my knees bug me and I was not really wanting to jump around this morning if I did not have to. Good News! I was 3lbs lighter here than on my home scale.  WOOT!  Also, he measured me and guess what folks....I GREW TALLER! I am now a tall 5' 3" more 5" 2 1/2" for me. Life has been good to me!  Good thing I stretched nice and tall! He informed me that he just rounded up.....PPPHHHHHEEEEWWWW!! Deflated. In other good blood pressure is thru the roof!  Put your hands up "thru the roof" Party!!! I am not sure he meant it in a party sort of way!  he says I must have white coat syndrome......I think I have I'm going to be stabbed in the arm with a needle syndrome.

I was such a big girl when it came to being stabbed.  I did not even let out a whimper.  I took it in the arm like a Mother! He took 2 vials of blood....why they need so much anyway? He put a cotton ball on my arm and ripped off a piece of white tape to cover it up and told me to leave it on for 30 minutes. What?? No cool band-aid. How unfun is that. I will probably keep it on half the day to be safe and you know get sympathy. You know what?? I did not even receive a sticker, token or sucker upon leaving......they just sucked my blood  and dignity and I received no prize.....LAME!

Here is my battle wound...I am sure it will be a bruise tomorrow...that how it rolls for me.

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  1. Oh Dindos - you are so entertaining in the morning!