Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Sun of Satan......

It seems like my girl might be melting.... well she did want to serve somewhere warm. Haha! I told Aushlynn that I was going to work on sending her a package. I asked what she wanted. She told me she really wants letters from ward members, family and friends and especially letters from those who have served missions with stories or scriptures that helped them thru the hard and trying times on a mission. She also wants pictures from you for her picture wall. Oh yeah...she also wants me to send her a Cafe Rio chicken salad. Not sure how well that will mail. Haha. She is probably gonna have to wait for the salad, but if you would be willing to write her a letter and bring a picture by......I would be forever in your debt. Think about it! I am going to be sending it in a few weeks so please help a Sista out. You could also email it to me and I could print the letter and the picture for you. My email is will make her photo wall and that's pretty cool right??

Anyway here is her week!

Mommy! Daddy!

Well I don’t even know where to start with this week. This week was so not what we were hoping for... First... the sun decided to kick it up a few notches I swear. The people here said that it never gets this hot and that it was very strange!! I only got one word for this... SATAN!! I got burned and re-burned every single day with reapplying sunscreen every 3 hours!! I have literally sweated from every pour in my body! When I get back I’ll be so brown I will look Peruvian! We try and eat popsicles to cool us down but man the sun is soooo strong here. I’m sweating buckets just writing you guys ha ha! 

Second... our investigators are okay. This week we weren’t able to visit a lot of them. They were never home! We literally walked around in the sun everyday knocking doors and re-knocking doors we knocked the previous day! This area is very difficult. I feel like I am doing so much to just even get one person to teach or to even listen! It’s been a frustrating week. Every night I literally fell asleep at my bed side saying my prayers. I hope this week is a little better. We had a lesson with our investigator Emily last night and as of now we have taught her everything we got. She is moving to Tumbes in a week and a half so last night we asked if she would be baptized this Saturday and she said she would pray about it and call us!!! OH I WANT THIS BAPTISM SO BAD!! She is soooo ready. 

Okay enough of my whining about my crappy week. Here are some funny stories that happened this week. First... we were getting ready for bed one night and we hear screaming from Hermana Ana on the first floor! We have a window that we can look all the way down and see.. so...we look and the bishop and Hermana Ana have brooms and they said there is a rat! Okay I start to freak out. Then... it gets away and literally climbs to the third floor... like up the wall!!!! WHAT THE CRAP!! I am now screaming bloody murder! It’s in our room now at this point!! We couldn’t find it though. Hermana was like we will just find it tomorrow. Ya I didn’t sleep that whole night. Bishop killed it the next day but it was HUGE!!! 

Also…another story is we were in an investigators house and we met her husband for the first time. When he spoke me and Hermana Sandison could not understand him for the life of us. He spoke so fast. I am not even totally sure it was Spanish either haha oh Peru. You just got to laugh at those situations because if you don’t you’ll cry. Also it was stake conference and we got there a little late so we had to go into this room and watch it on this like 15 in TV that was really fuzzy. I am trying to concentrate so hard because I want know what they are saying but it was literally like the nursery in there. Babies were screaming and throwing food and running around hahaha oh my gosh I’m in Peru.

Okay... The food... I don’t think I can even look at chicken or rice again. Literally eating the same thing day in and day out. Hermana and I just look at each other and cry a little inside! We had dinner this Sunday with members and our whole district. Now I must be gaining weight here because the people don’t think I am like a girl or something... they think I can eat these ginormous portions of food. Literally I have never seen a plate with more food on it. Of course the elders ate theirs so I absolutely have to eat it all... Remember when Dyllon said the members quote was you ain’t leavin till your heavin. I WAS HEAVING!!! I barely finished without launching it everywhere! Then we had a dinner at night time and I looked at it for like a good 5 minutes... and slowly ate away...... I almost died of eating too much last night. I look forward to the times when we are not eating.

Today for P-day we are going out to eat as a district and then playing spoons at a members house. Also Presidente has invited us to the mission home this Friday to watch the Tabernacle Choir this Friday. I am excited for that.

Haha anyways I made it out of that week alive somehow! Praying for each of you every day! 

Love you guys!

Hermana brown

 Aushlynn and her companion Hermana Sandison.
 Peruvian face actually kinda stung our faces.
 Happy Birthday Madi girl!!! Feliz Cumpleanos!!! Hermana Ana and Aushlynn.
So...I stepped on this guy's tail. I didn't think I had to watch where I was walking here in Angamos...but I guess I do! Lol.... he was hissing at us! He was not a fan of having his picture taken.
 Hahaha it was windy...but the sunset was awesome!
 I love Peru! My hair is getting super long!
 Hermana Sandison loves braiding Aushlynn's hair. I am sure the favor is not reciprocated.....poor girl has the braiding skills of her mother.
 Three liter Coke...Dad would love Peru! It's seriously so big! I wanna buy one before I leave and see if I can drink it all. Kendall is praying this comes to the USA!
 My photo wall is up and going. I need more Photos!
 Charolette.......Wilber is dead!!:((( Hahahaha....what the heck is this??? The whole pig hooves and all!
Cool wall art that she and her companion stumbled upon.

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