Monday, January 25, 2010

By the light of our ipods..........

This morning was bad.............the power went out at about 6:55 a.m. We are a family that does not function well without light. It was funny to see Dyllon brush his teeth by the light of the mini computer. He had to be able to see the water hit his toothbrush. Aushlynn and Avery were combing their hair and brushing their teeth to the soft glow of their ipod touch.

A good mom would have broken out the flashlights or the candles. A great mom would have fired up the generator. Well, I am neither of those. I guess that I am not ready for a emergency. So................ it looks like I need to stock up on some batteries, buy some flashlights that we can actually find, get candles, maybe look into getting a generator and fuel, and probably stock up on propane.

I did assure the kids that they would be having school. The schools have generators, they are better prepared then me. (please.... oh... please.... don't let them cancel school!)

I was thinking about the earthquake in Haiti while the power was out. I felt really ungrateful for what I have. I was having a pity party that I have no power while these folks pretty much have nothing. It kinda put having no power in perspective.