Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last night, I was coming home from school. It was about 8:30. I was kinda depressed because I did not do as well on a test as I wanted to. I was traveling on Bangeter highway. I looked down at the speed odometer and thought what am I doing? I was driving at 45 miles per hour on a 55 mph road. This is not typical for me. I usually am pushing the speed limit. I started to speed up...... Right in front of me about 50 yards ahead a car started rolling on the freeway and it clipped the rear end of the car that was in front of me. I was shaking.....who wants to witness that. I pulled over and I called 911. I just sat there after talking to 911. I was thinking. Oh my heck....what if I would have been going the speed limit? I would have been right behind the car that go hit in the back. That car would have smashed into me. I guess I can now say that it was a blessing that I did not do well on my test. I get to drop one test anyway and I know what one it will be now. I am glad that I am safe.