Saturday, November 26, 2016

Turkey for turkey for me.....

We are coming off another Thanksgiving that this girl will be turkey free. Don't cry to much for her as she is not a fan of turkey. It is my 5th consecutive Thanksgiving that we have had a missionary serving. I am thankful for my children's willingness to serve and grow as a missionary....but we sure do is them while they are away. Here is what she had to say this week.   

Hello all you faithful blog readers!
I would just like to take the time and thank all of you for your love and devotion to this blog. My mother tells me I have quite the fan club! 
Anyways this week was kinda of a slow week! Hermana Glunt has been really sick! We didn't go out and teach a lot but the lessons we did have were pretty powerful! We got to teach 3 new people this week! They are pretty cool. We will see how they continue to progress.
With all this time in Peru I have found myself many times listening to life stories of random people, members, and missionaries. A lot of them pouring out there heart to me. Its kinda of intimidating at times because I have never had close to some of the experiences they have had but as I listen I can see and feel the love  our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them! Many times the words they need to hear have been put into my mouth and I have a strong testimony of this love he has for us! I know that god loves us each individually and that he knows all our pains and sufferings. God is with us through the best of the best and worst of the worst but he is always there. Many times when I have been struggling on my mission there has been someone or something that always make me realize that God loves me no matter what!

Also, im going to start doing peruvian moments.. this week we were in a resturant eating breakfast and the animal channel was on and there were people sticking snakes through there noses. Pretty sic..right? Also a member told us never to eat ice cream here because they put lots of oil in it haha... sweet.

Well I dont really have much more to say this week! I love you all so much and thank you all for your support!

Hermana Brown

Pizza time...this girl is thankful for pizza this week!
Lights up for the upcoming holidays! Peace!
Clean up...clean up...everybody everywhere....I asked her why her companion was wearing bubble wrap around her waist...her answer....because we are in Peru mom! Haha!!
Chicken and fries this time. Hermana Brown and Hermana Glunt.
That is a lot of mangos...I guess this is what happens when you go to a mango farm. The same thing has happened to me before...only with fresh tomatoes.
The kids in Peru have to cool off some way. Pool party in Peru.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Miracles and Mangos

This girl is coming off a great week. Glad to hear it was better than last week. Sounds like attitude makes all the difference. Here is what's happening in her neck of the woods...

Hey guys!

Well I am offically..... killing Hermana Glunt! Haha we did not have transfers! Im fine with it! Im sure we will see a lot of miracles this transfer! I really do love Hermana Glunt and we always have the best stories to tell! Seriously... we are a companionship that is really guided by the spirit. Its awesome. The only thing is that she is leaving the 15th and the transfers are the 26th of december! We will see who I get to finish the transfer with... stay tuned.

This week two of our investigators were baptized! It was awesome! Leronardo and Carlos! Also their mom that is a less active member came to support! It was good to have her there! They are 2 young boys that are so spiritually intune with the spirit. I wish I was like that when I was their age! Also we had all the youth there to support as well! This ward is really something special! :)

On friday night we had a missional night for  the ward... okay it was just kind of a party for our investigators to get to know the ward! It turned out really well. We had a really large turn out! We all played games and danced the night away! ( I have to come back to learn how to dance! ) I really do have such a love for the youth in this ward! They are really special! There is a boy named Richard and he hasn't been coming to the chrch for awhile and he was only baptized in April! He came up to me and asked me to help him come back and repent of his sins! It was awesome to see someone confide in you so much!  We are now helping him get his mission papers done! He is super sweet! 

The mission is all about attitude...if you have a good one you will see miracles happen. We have 2 more investigators that are on date for baptism. They are awesome! some bad news....I hurt my foot. I had to go to the clinic. They think I pulled a muscle on the top of my foot. They wanted to put me in a boot.! Icy hot would feel so nice...even though I hate the smell...please send some...haha.

This pday we went to Chulucanas again! We went to a fruit farm with this guy we met on the bus like 2 weeks ago and he gave us a 10 pound sack a mangos to take home! He was super awesome! Also we answered a lot of questions he had about the plan of salvation! His wife reently died and he is mad at God! He doesn't live where we preach but its a good reference! He will be baptized one day! As for now... we will be eating mango this transfer lol.

Hermana Brown

Leonardo and Carlos

That is a really big

Mango farm
Moto ride

Oh look....we are eating chicken and rice...this calls for a picture!!
This is how she really feels about chicken and rice....haha...oh Baabo!
Tug o side won because Hermana Glunt was laughing so hard at how ridiculous it was that us girls were tug o warring in front of everyone!
This is from the missional night that we had.
We ordered pizza on transfer day! What a treat!
Eww....I found a chicken foot in my soup.....

Monday, November 14, 2016

Bucket pictures.....

Hey our favorite girl is coming off a tough week. Hopefully next week will be much better. Here is her letter sorry it took so long to post.

Hey Guys, wow…it has been quite a tough week. The boys did not end up getting baptized this week, but will be baptized on Saturday. It is hard because after these baptisms we really don’t have anyone to teach so we will have to really look hard for some new investigators.

I was able to cross off a bucket list item today for P-day. We traveled to Chanqache. It’s a place up in the mountains and it is so pretty!  We had to get up at 2:00 am so I am quite tired. I loved reading your letter today. Boy Avery needs to stop hurting himself. 

Stink blank is dirty …but in one piece…haha! All my comps ask me if I am going to sleep with it when I get married and I say yep! I just love that thing! I have not washed it because it just might fall apart.  Haha! 

Mom I would love to go to Women’s conference with you…count me in.  Woot Woot on winning a major award!

Love You Guys

Hermana Brown

Super sore from the hike.....and so hot today!
Yep...that's my girl!
The hike...bucket list item.
Buildings in Peru

We took some pictures with a nun!!!
Hermana Glunt and Hermana Brown
Got your Book of Mormon???
For the beauty of the earth....
Just 2 comps hiking.....
Merrily merrily merrily is but a dream.
She did not convert....

Peace out peeps!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Bingham Ball

When you start to feel fall in the air you can be assured that Bingham ball is just around the corner. Get your wallet out people.... you are going to be shelling out some bucks! This year Madi is going with Austin Storrs...THE hottest guy at Bingham high school. She really scored on this date. 
For the day date they went to a place called Hidden Chambers. This is an escape room with a pirate theme. They were on the easiest senerio...but ey maties they did not escape. So sad. It took them an extra 3 minutes to get out. But I can totally understand...when you have 3 pieces of eye candy in the room it is super hard to concentrate. Better luck next time kids...but what a fun date...right???
 Here is Madi and Sadey before the day date. What a couple of cuties.
Sadey had some rules for the date. I about died of laughter when I read them. I had permission to share the first page from Madi but not the second. I did not realize Sadey was so funny!
On the way back from the day date I received this snapchat. I guess when Austin found out I was cool and had a snapchat he said they needed to send me a snap.  Madi instructed me to take a screenshot.
Here is Madi in her dress. This dress took 3 day trips to least favorite activity on the face of this earth is dress shopping with Madi......she is the pickiest person...ever!!!!
She looks really good in the dress. We rented it from Bling It On for....hold on to your wallets people.... $126 bucks! We don't even get to keep it...gasp....I was tired and done with shopping so I gladly laid down my visa.
We had a fun photo shoot in the front yard.
I really love this picture....the way the sun comes down on her it looks like she could be translated....haha but we all know that would never happen...she is a sassy one!
Here is Madi and her date Austin.....they are a cute couple.
Here is the whole group. Micky, Karley, Austin, Madi, Parker and Sadey.
At the Ball...Madi, Sadey, Leah and Karley.
I made the boutineers for Madi and Sadey
I think they turned out awesome and they we easy to put on!

 Karley, Sadey and Madi showing off the corsages.
 Austin's mom asked if they could kiss each other on the cheek. Ok...This is what dreams are made of...Madi was shocked at such a request but she secretly loved every moment of it I am sure! Hot guy kissing my baby! I would have never gotten away with such a request.
Looks like Austin enjoyed his kiss too!

The headed to Bonsai for dinner. It is a Japanese steakhouse where they cook your food on the grill in front of you. All the boys caught shrimp but the girls were to refined for that.

After dinner they headed to the dance at the Capitol Building. They had a great time! After the dance they went to Karley's and watched a scary movie. I think all the kidlet's had a magical evening!