Monday, March 21, 2016


Cheapskates is a school dance that I really like. This is the first year they have had this dance at Bingham..... in the very least it is the first time I have ever heard about it. The idea is to have a date and dance for as cheap as possible.  Me likey.......easy on my wallet or somebody elses.
For the day date the kids went to Boondocks.... I know sounds expensive right....well it really was FREE...because Mason's dad was able to get tickets for free thru his work! Cool!
The kids need to have some type of theme and matching attire so they tye dyed some shirts. I think they turned out pretty cool. We used a coupon to buy the tye dye so it was done on the El cheapo.
Pictures were taken by Me and Mason's mom. We need to read up on our professional picture posses for next time.  At least we tried.....right! Here we have Madison and Wyatt, Sadey and Mason and last but not least Kayla and Levi.
A little dab will do yah...or ah dab it!
Here we have just the girls...the just boys picture turned out blurry.
Madi and Wyatt

The kids went to Chick-fil-A for dinner and then headed to the dance at the high school. They had a fun night. Food, good friends and fun...who could ask for more??

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