Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gratitude Day Seventeen

I am super grateful that we we able to take and awesome vacation to Hawaii this year with the entire family. We had such an awesome 10days! We had fun playing in the ocean.

We were able to visit the Polynesian Cultural center and the Laie Temple.

Me and Kendall took walks along the beach every night to watch the sunset.

Dyllon and Avery posed for every picture that I took and they did it willingly.

Maddy took the time to smell the flowers.

This was the best family vacation that we have ever taken. This is one that we will always remember.

Gratitude Day Sixteen

Today I am grateful for coupons! What can I say, I just LOVE them. I think that I might be addicted.

Gratitude Day Fifteen

Today I am grateful for my vacuum because it sucks! (and I mean that in a good way!) Need I say more?

Gratitude Day Fourteen

Today I am super grateful for naptime. It is the BESTEST thing ever! If it weren't for naptime I would get nothing done. I once heard a comedian say that you know you are grown up when you put yourself to nap. When a kid leaves the big wheel toppled over on it's side and he comes in and says; Hold my calls, I'm taking a nap!

Gratitude Day Thirteen

Today, I am grateful to be a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. I am so grateful that I was born to an active LDS family so I had the opportunity to grow up with the gospel. I am thankful that I get the opportunity to share the gospel with my fellow man upon this earth. I am thankful that my children have all chosen to be baptised and become members of the church also. I am grateful that I get to go and rub shoulders each week with those who also believe what I believe. I am so thankful to everyone who teaches or who has taught my kids. I am so thankful that you are willing to donate your time to assist me in teaching my children. I am thankful for Jesus Christ and him being willing to be a sacrifice for the world. I am grateful that I can partake of the Sacrament each week and have the atonement work for me in my life.

Gratitude Day Twelve

Today, I am grateful for communication via telephone. I am glad that even though my loved ones are separated by many miles, I have the ability to talk with them whenever I want. (Unless they are screening my calls!) I love that I am able to call my mom and ask her the same questions every year about canning so I don't have to write it down. (I am also grateful that she promised that once she passes from this existence that I get to have her canning recipe/guide book) But, I am looking forward to many more decades of just calling for information!

Gratitude Day Eleven

Today I am grateful for school. Even though I detest both of my class this semester, I am thankful for the opportunity to continue my education. I am thankful that each of my children have the opportunity to obtain an education, I know that all people in this world are not so lucky.

Gratitude Day Ten

Today I am grateful for transportation. I am thankful to live in a time that it is so easy to get from place to place. I am so grateful that I was not asked to be a pioneer woman. I don't think that traveling via wagon or handcart sounds fun to me.

While I am at it. I am thankful for a garage to park my car in and that it is currently clean so I can fit my vehicles in it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gratitude Day Nine

Today I have a headache, so I am most grateful today for Advil. Hopefully those blue little liquid gels start working fast. I am also grateful today for modern medicine. I am grateful that when me or my family is sick, we have access to a Dr. to help use get better. Now this also leads me to be thankful for insurance coverage to help with the medical bills.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gratitude Day 8

Today I am grateful to have a beautiful home. I am thankful that it is in such a awesome neighborhood. I am glad that it is able to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I am thankful that it protects us from the harsh elements of the world. I am also lucky to be living in a house that is a TV star. I am further grateful that the design of my house has the kids bedrooms on one side of the house, living area in the middle and the master bedroom on the opposite end.

Gratitude Day Seven

Today I am grateful for the little people in my life. We call them the "littles". I am glad to have the opportunity to share my day with such fun kids. They say and do the funniest things. I am glad that I am able to earn a living and help provide for my family while playing with the "littles". I am grateful for their parents who give me opportunity to be their childcare provider!

Gratitude Day Six

Today I am grateful to be a member of the Relief Society. I love this organization! I love that I am able to be a part of the presidecy in my ward. It is fun to get to know the amazing women in my ward and be able to rub shoulders with them on a weekly basis. I love the motto. "Charity Never Faileth".

Gratitude Day Five

Today, I am most grateful for Kendall. He is my rock. I love him so much. Kendall is such a wonderful provider for our family. Kendall loves sports. He starts his morning each day by check ESPN news. This is where he gets all his useless sports knowledge from. I love that Kendall call me a few time each day just to see what I am doing. I love that he takes the time during the day to think of me. My life revolves around Kendall. He is the reason that I get up each morning. (and that is not just because he wakes me up every morning) I am grateful that Kendall is the father of my children. He is a awesome father and if my boys grow up to be like him they will have women lining up to be with them. Kendall has taught me how to love! I love you Kendall!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Gratitude Day Four

Madison is who I am thankful for today. She is a little mini me. She likes to be around me....always! She thinks that I am all that and a bag of chips too! I think that she is pretty awesome too! Madison loves people, especially grown-ups. She is friends with all the adults who are "aged challenged" in our neighborhood. The Relief Society Presidency jokes that we wish that she could be called as a visiting teacher because she makes the rounds almost daily with all the inactive and older women in our ward boundaries.

Madison loves to ride her bike. She also loves to jump on the trampoline. She is currently learning how to play the violin and honestly, it has not been that painful on my ears. I love you Madison!

Gratitude Day Three

Today I am thankful for Aushlynn. I was so excited to learn that the 3rd child was finally a girl. I remember when I was in labor with her, I told the Dr. that if she was not a girl I was going to kill him. He said that I was talking to the wrong person. I said no, a girl without an epidural was worth it, a boy was not! Aushlynn is turning into such a beautiful girl. She already has tons of boy admirers. UGH! Aushlynn is a very smart girl and can excel in school if she just puts her mind to it. Her favorite hobbies are boys and talking on the phone. Aushlynn loves to go on a good coupon haul. She is just like her mother. Aushlynn is super loud, you will never miss anything that she has to say. Aushlynn is the queen of taking her own picture. She looks awesome in all that she takes. Look above for a sample! She is a awesome sister. Aushlynn has a beautiful voice. She loves singing, unless someone asks her to, go figure? I love you Aushlynn!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gratitude Day Two

Today I am thankful for my second son Avery. Avery is such a great kid. He hardly ever gives me any trouble. Avery is a hard worker and does not mind getting his hands dirty. I am glad that Avery is such a good student. He keeps up with his school work and never have to ask him if he has homework. I am grateful that Avery has such a strong testimony of the gospel and that he is not afraid to share it. Ever since he was little, every month he has shared his testimony at church. I appreciate that he is able to do this because it is so hard for me to get up and bear my testimony. I am grateful that Avery is such a good friend. He has so many different friends. i think that Avery is a friend to everyone. I love that he always watches out for those who have challenges in life. He is very compassionate towards others. I am glad that Avery was born into our family. I don't know what I would do without him. I love you Avery!

P.S. I think Avery would be down right perfect if he got a haircut! ;0)

Gratitude Day One

Today, I am grateful for my oldest son Dyllon. I am so thankful that he was born in our family. I am proud of him and the decisions that he has made in his life. He is currently a student at Dixie State College. When he left I had a super hard time. He told me that it was time to cut the umbilical cord. I am excited that he will be back home in the middle of December after the fall semester ends. Dyllon always makes me laugh. He is very quick witted and comes up with the funniest stuff. Dyllon is a great friend. I am sure that he is a good example to all his friends and they look up to him. I am grateful that Dyllon has decided that he wants to serve a mission. I am proud that he is making such an important decision in his life. I know that he will be blessed beyond comprehension for this act of service. I love you Dyllon!

P.S. I am also very grateful that you and Braydon made it safe back to St. George when it started snowing.

Friday, April 22, 2011


You see the most beautiful sunsets in Hawaii. The awesome thing about digital photography is that you can take as many photos as you want. I had about 1500 sunset photos to choose from. I just could not help myself. I was a little snap happy. Enjoy!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting there is half the fun......

What makes a 6 1/2 hour airplane ride better? How about a 6 1/2 hour car ride before it! We thought that it might be know adventurous! Back in December we found an awesome deal on airfare to Hawaii. We could fly the whole family, round trip, direct flights for under $1900 bucks! SIGN US UP! Only down fall was that it would fly out of Las Vegas. That not to far to drive and since we love to be in the car was no big deal. Did you know that you can listen to 81 John Denver songs in the time it takes to drive from South Jordan to St. George. It's true! It was awesome.....the kids absolutely LOVED IT! You should try it sometime. I will borrow you my John Denver collection anytime! But only if you promise to give it know..... the kids will miss it! Anyhoo, from St.George to Las Vegas, the kids wanted to start listening to my Jim Brickman Collection, but I was like......enough music kids....let's watch Mall Cop. They were pretty upset, but they got over it. We got into Vegas around 9:30 (time change) We were only 4 hours early for our flight. We decided to visit M&M World and Coke World. Do you know that they charge $13.99 a pound for M&M's at M&M World and $5 bucks for an aluminium coke bottle 12 oz at Coke World? Just a bit out of my price range when I am funding Hawaii. Anyways. We finally headed over to the airport and for our flight. We we able to fly with just carry ons. Woo Hoo! How did we pull that off. Also, when you fly Hawaiian Airlines you take off from Terminal 2. Did you know that the parking lot is right across the road from it. It was pretty sweet to park and walk in the airport. It only cost us $88 bucks to park there for 1o days. Our flight left at 1:50 AM. (2:50 AM Utah time) REDEYE I now remember that it is super hard to sleep on the plane.

Meet the Cast

We recently finished filming a Hawaiian adventure. I thought that I would introduce you to the cast of characters that we brought along. Kendall and Mindy. Financial backers of the entire operation. They did manage to sneak away a few times alone. At least they thought they did.
Aushlynn and Madison. Famous for saying Eww..I don't like that.

Dyllon and Avery. I am not sure which one is cooler?

Stay tuned for additional chapters of our saga.

Pulled Dork Sandwiches

Each morning, on a school day, I check the lunch menu to let Madison know what the school is serving and she let's me know if she wants school lunch or home lunch. The other day the menu selections were: Pulled Dork Sandwich or Chicken Nuggets. We were trying to figure out if the Dork would be fresh or frozen. What kind of sauce if any would be with it? Was it going to have a stupid or funny taste?? Was it just pulled or chopped. How big was this sanwhich going to be??? She opted for home lunch. I wonder how many Pulled Dorked Sandwichs they served that day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today I am surrounded by 4 SICKO'S. Every time I turn around, one of them has buggers running down their face. YUCK! Snot just makes my stomach turn. I am thinking of installing each of them with the above device. They are pretty lucky.........I bought the 3 pack of puffs plus lotion last month. Yeah they have to have their nose wiped 10 times an hour, but at least they get a nice soft tissue. You better believe that when they leave today, I am going to Lysol everything.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Islands are calling my name!

I have the bestest Santa Claus ever! Did you know that he brought the whole family tickets to Hawaii for Christmas! I really love that guy! So.........we are going March 30th thru April 10th. 57 more days! I cannot wait.

Monday, January 17, 2011


School has started up for me once again. I have to tell you that I dread both of my classes. CIS 1020 and COMM 1010. Both of the classes are required to graduate and they both SUCK rocks. CIS 1020 is the class that you have to learn Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Access. Let me just tell you right off that me and Excel can never be friends. I hate that program. Since I am taking an online class, I have a pretty sucky teacher. She does not know anything. COMM 1010 is a communication class for learning how to communicate at work. The communication at my work is pretty simple. VERBAL! I don't text or email the kids?? Maybe I should have the Littles start emailing me when they have a problem instead of whining. Do you think that it will work? This class is gonna be hard as the teacher expects 5-6 page essays with every assignment. Pretty hard to do with the communication at my work. SIGH!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Oh my....... I cannot believe that it is already 2011! The past year just flew by. Yesterday was so last year! I guess that it is time to make a few goals.

  • Paint all the white chicken pox in my house...and the wall patch that has been there for about 18 months.
  • Make my bed every day! This is soooo hard for me!
  • Read the Book of Mormon this year.
  • Lose a little weight. I guess that it is time to resurrect this
  • Take a fabulous vacation!
Here's to a great 2011!
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