Thursday, August 23, 2012

That Was Totally Wicked!

I had the opportunity last night to go and see the Broadway Musical "Wicked" last night with my sister and her daughters Rikki and Dawni.

They arrived to pick me up at about 4:30. I quickly paid Dawni for my ticket because she never sent me an invoice in the mail and I have owed her the money since February. I consider myself lucky that she did not sell my ticket. We left about 5:00 after the B-Dog left. Rikki wanted to take him home with her cause he is such a sweetie.

We made a quick stop at Gordman's to buy emergency pants for Rikki because she was the only one of us wearing a skirt. She did not want to stand out like a sore thumb. Just a reminder to all out there that like to shop at Gordman's take your smart phone with you because you can use a online coupon for extra saving! Kari was also able to find Wes's favorite Cologne there and pick some up for his birthday!

We got in the car and made our way downtown. We were trying to find our way to the Capitol Theatre and Dawni asked what direction we were heading. I said north and then she preceded to mumble Never Eat Side Walks... Never Eat Side Walks........Well, at least that is what I thought that she said. She was saying Never Eat Soggy Waffles.......but if you think about really makes more sense to say Never Eat Side Walks.....because it would hurt your teeth.......but Never Eat Soggy Waffles......what if they were soggy because they were smothered in maple syrup??? The it would be totally delicious to eat a soggy waffle. Just saying.

We finally found a place to park and we exited the car to find some where to eat for Dawni. The poor girl had only had a cheeseburger and two rice crispy treats to eat all day long. She was practically starving and about to blow away because she is so skinny. You would think that it would be easy to find a place downtown to get a bite to eat, but we found it rather difficult. We had to walk 2 1/2 blocks just to find a Subway. Very slim pickins around the Capitol Theatre.

Subway was going to be closing in about 15 minutes so they had very few bread choice. Note, we were the only 4 in the restaurant. Kari wanted to be difficult and order a breakfast item, but the lady would not let her get a 3 inch sub, Even if I wanted a 3 inch sub too. She also could not give her the egg, ham and bacon sandwich. Only egg and ham. This was puzzling because you could clearly see the bacon in the meat section. Better luck next time Kari. Rules are Rules after all.

As we were walking to the Theater, you could see people lined up out front. I can't remember who asked why the back up, but Dawni said they were "Groping". Me and Kari would not be okay with that unless Kendall and Wes were there!

After using the restroom and buying some souvenirs, we made our way to the seats. Which were excellent by the way. Thanks Dawni! While we were buying souvenirs, I actually found out what Wicked was about. Then we sat down and waited. The lady in the isle selling water sold last chance to buy water before the show starts for about 5 minutes and then it was time for the show.

It was "Totally Wicked!" I loved it! The cast did an amazing job. Thanks for inviting me Ladies!

After the show we exited the building and made out way to the parking garage. Note to everyone. It is a bad idea to park in the lowest level parking along the back wall. If you park in said area, then you must wait for practically every other car in the garage to exit the garage before you are able to.

Thanks for the fun evening!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tramp Night

It started out as a joke. Me and Kendall were sitting in the living room and I blurted out the phrase, "Hey, do you want to sleep on the tramp tonight?" I was totally kidding, but to my surprise Kendall said YES! Then he said, you know that I love to go camping for Father's Day! I thought, do I really want to do this? If I do, I don't want to end up the lowest point on the trampoline and covered by kids.It was then that we started to make plans to sneak out to the backyard after the kids fell asleep.

First off, what kind of supplies were we going to need? I instantly wanted the blow up bed, Kendall said NO way. Bummer! I then settled for the egg crate mattress pad and a sleeping bag. This was for under me. I wanted my 2 pillows, sheet and 2 blankets from the bed. I like to sleep with real sleeping equipment. We need to scope out the location of the egg crate and the sleeping bag in the garage, but the kids were lurking nearby. How were we going to get the supplies with out the kids getting suspicious? Excuses were made as to why we were in the garage. I distracted the kids by the side road and Kendall ran and threw the 2 sleeping bags and the mattress over the fence to the side yard so we could access them later in the night. We are so sneaky!

Of course, no plan can ever go off with out a hitch. We had rented the movie "Gone" to watch in our room while the kids fell asleep. One of the main problems that we had is that our kids never want to go to sleep at night. They never fall asleep until at least mid-night. Now, Madison had gone to Seven Peaks earlier in the day with her friend Lana. I had sent a whole bottle of sunscreen with bad that she did not use it. She had a mild case of sun stroke and wanted to sleep on my floor with my 2 blankets. This was okay during the movie, but I needed those blankets for my camp out! Some how, we were able to get Madison in her own room after our movie. After waiting for about 15 minutes she was asleep. YES! I was pretty confident that all the other kids were slumbering in there beds.

We made a break for it. Me with 2 pillows and a sheet and a blanket in tow. Kendall with his pillow and the other blanket. He had earlier went and set the egg crate and sleeping bags up on the tramp, so all that I had to do was make the bed and get in. I had several thoughts running through my mind. 1) I should have worn socks. 2) Madison is going to wake up in the middle of the night and freak out that she can't find us. 3) I hope that I am warm enough!

It was a beautiful night. We were able to see the stars. We each named a start for each other. Kendall named a star "Beautiful" after me, and I named one "Honey Bunches of Oats" after him. Now, I am never one that can just fall asleep, I have way to many thoughts that run through my head to fall asleep. Kendall on the other hand can shut his eyes and be snoring in under a minute. It amazes me how fast he can knock out. It really is no fair. After about and hour or trying to find a comfortable position, one if which my back was not killing me, I see that Madison's bedroom light pops on. Of course, I immediately wake up Kendall to take care of the situation. He runs in the house and stays there for about 15 minutes. He comes back later and said that she must have gotten scared and turned on the light because she was asleep the whole time. He just left her light on and now I had another issue to deal with in falling asleep.

I finally knocked off to sleep. I woke up in the night and all the lights were on in the house, including my bedroom. Crap, I can just imagine Madison freaking out! I again wake up Kendall so that he can go in and take care of the problem. He goes in, and I lay there imaging the therapy that Madison is going to need after finding her parents missing from there room and nowhere to be found in the house in the middle of the night. Who knows how long the lights have been on? Kendall comes out about five minutes later. It turns out that it was Dyllon who turned on all the lights. He thought that we had been Kidnapped! He had gotten up for work at 4 am. He never comes in our room at that time, but this morning he needed sunscreen for Warp Tour! Great, I have scarred Dyllon right before he goes on his mission.

Well, anyway, it was a successful camp out. My bedding was all covered in dew and Kendall nearly froze his head. But, I can cross off camping from my list of things to do this year!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bobby Pins

Nothing in the world can cause a bigger fight between Aushlynn and Madison than the lack of Bobby pins in our house. Last week we were down to out last five and all heck broke loose. Even though I have probably purchased at least 1000 of the little suckers in the last year, they can never find them. They leave them all over the house and then Kendall picks them up and throws them in the trash. Or they grow legs and walk off!

This last weekend I bought a can of 300 of them at Sally's Beauty Supply. I told them that I was going to make them check them out and then check them back in with me if they wanted to use them. They thought that I was kidding. I am dead serious. Madison laughed at me when I made her sign her name and the number of pins she used on a sheet of paper!

We are not going to fight over these babies anymore!