Sunday, February 28, 2016


Well folks...I hit the ripe ol' age of 44. Forty-four years of being me! Ya know...the big four four. When I am the same age when I hold up both hands going front ward or backward. For my 44th birthday I got the flu. Ugh...I was telling Kendall that I was either sick or I did not like how 44 felt. He told me; "Well to be honest with you 44 and 45 don't feel so good!" Haha so encouraging. 

So, I was trying to instigate birthday month for did not go to well....birthday week kinda fizzled out I was left with just birthday most normal people...sigh....maybe next year.

So for my birthday I think my kids gave me diabetes. I did ask for the peeps....but I am going to share those when they get stale and chewy......I am looking forward to that around the middle of March...yeah! All six packages are slit. I am gonna go out on a limb and predict that I will get maybe one Dr Pepper. The rest will be stolen because I do not consume caffeine at a very quick pace......a girl's gotta sleep ya know.  But those mini eggs....I'm gonna hide those from thieving hands. So delicious! 
Madi gave me a Alex and Ani bracelet...she use my debit card to buy it....she is too kind. She also told me that I am now cool and hip because I have one. I am so glad that she is helping my cool factor....we all know that I struggle in that department!
Kendall got me tickets to go see Brian Regan in the middle of excited! I will try and not quote his jokes for months and months after...but no promises.
I received a birthday package from Peru. That was super exciting. In the package I received "The Letter"! You know the letter that every missionary parent waits for....the one that tell you how awesome you are......and how thankful they are for everything you did for them. It was perfect! I may or may not of cried....I will let you guess there.
Also I got two turtles! EEK!!!! This girl feeds my addiction! I just love her!
So this is me at 44. I am terrible at taking selfies. Please no judging! I will delete it so zzzpp! I did get a new haircut for my birthday and bought myself a pair of new kicks. Since it was my birthday I got to choose where to eat for dinner. We went to Five Guys. The kids were disappointed in my choice. I was just craving fries. Me and Dyllon did not feel so good after. I guess I passed the bug to him. Sorry Dyllon.
Well I gotta go and have some cheesecake now. Hope I can blow all the candles out!

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