Monday, August 30, 2010

Go Here......

Go here........ just do it........ you will be glad that you did!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What did you say???

This is Nolan.........

This is Brody.............
They are three. Sometimes they say the darnedest things. They were playing with Thomas and friends trains and Nolan turned to Brody and said: "Hey..........don't touch my boobs!" I just about peed my pants laughing so hard!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Last night was sooooo exciting! I learned that I have my 1st blog stalker! I know.....Cool huh! My friend Tina says that her friend thinks that I am the funniest person that she has never met! Her friend probably said that I was the funniest looking person that she had never met. It is probably just a big misunderstanding! Well.....anyway! WELCOME BLOG STALKER! I hope that I can continue to make you laugh! It is a lot of pressure though!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Avery!

Today Avery is 15. Well, if I am being honest......he was 15, 4 days ago. I did however create a draft on his birthday to fool everyone into thing I was an awesome mom and posted this on his actual birthday! Some things about Avery: He is a friend to all. This boy has so many friends that it is scary to have a birthday party. Really it seems that I buy a present a week because one of his friends is having a birthday! He is awesome at any sport that requires a ball. He just has raw natural talent. He is super stubborn. He only will wear one kind of shoes: VANS! He is a good student and works hard in school. We LOVE him! Just thought that I would warn everyone that he will be getting his drivers permit have been warned!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girl's Camp......... I mean Girl's Pool

AAaahhh ......... Camping...........One of my favorite things in the world to do. Let me ask you a question? How does the forest get so green and lush? Ask Aushlynn and she will tell you!

Last Night at Girl's Camp.......they had a awesome time! A little rain never hurt anyone Right???

At least she had her blow up mattress as a floatation device!
Here is a song for everyone:
When ever I hear the song of a bird, or look at the blue, blue sky.....When ever I feel the rain on my face, or the wind as it rushes by. When ever I sleep in my warm pillowtop bed.......and snuggle my feather duvet.............I glad that I'm not at Girl's Camp tonight.......... and that I was called to lead the music instead!

Have fun LADIES!

**** Please note that I am not actually at girls camp and I googled rain/tent and came up with the picture.....this is not actually what it looks like at girls camp.....maybe it is.......but it is how I imagine it!***

Monday, August 2, 2010

Satin Sheets.....

This weekend we went up to Preston. I have no idea why we feel such a need to see the rodeo up there each year, but we do. It is That Famous Preston Rodeo after all. Remember how I told you that my grandma was hurt? Of course you do.... it was only 2 posts ago. Well, while we were up there.........she let me sleep in her her her SASSY Leopard print covers..........with brown satin Sheets! My Grandma is more SASSY than I thought. I was slipping and slidin' around all night! But.......I think I want to sleep there everytime I go up there....her bed is like a little piece of heaven........not like the Fred Flintstone's garage sale beds that are in the guest room at my Mom's house!

The Rodeo was fun..........the walk to it not so fun. I went to the Dr. on Friday because of my "Stupid Foot" disease. He says that I have Plantar Facitis. I think that I have a torn Peroneal tendon.............but Kendall thought that it was no big deal to park 20 miles from the arena. OK....maybe it was only half a mile....maybe less........but when your foot feels like a marathon.

The rodeo participants were great! Some were a little sick in the head.... I mean you have to be to get on a bucking horse or a bull........or jump on a running steer with horns! The clown was super funny!

We were disappointed in the parade. All it was......was HORSES and 1 marching band. I think that if you owned a horse in Preston or any surrounding area you were required to be in the parade. I did not know that they had that many horses in Idaho.
We had a great time this weekend. While we were there I painted my Grandma's toenails and fingernails. They are so beautiful. She is like my girls though.............always messing them up. We had to touch up the fingernails a few times! :0)