Monday, May 21, 2012

Bobby Pins

Nothing in the world can cause a bigger fight between Aushlynn and Madison than the lack of Bobby pins in our house. Last week we were down to out last five and all heck broke loose. Even though I have probably purchased at least 1000 of the little suckers in the last year, they can never find them. They leave them all over the house and then Kendall picks them up and throws them in the trash. Or they grow legs and walk off!

This last weekend I bought a can of 300 of them at Sally's Beauty Supply. I told them that I was going to make them check them out and then check them back in with me if they wanted to use them. They thought that I was kidding. I am dead serious. Madison laughed at me when I made her sign her name and the number of pins she used on a sheet of paper!

We are not going to fight over these babies anymore!