Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Five...count them...1 2 3 4 5 months on Sunday...no way!

Can you believe that this girl has been serving as a missionary in Peru for FIVE months on Sunday???  Also, as of today she has served 148 days. Another number fact for all of you that are counting (I'm sure its quite a few) only 39 more days until she calls us for Mother's Day!!! EEKKKK!!! What a blessed holiday this has been for the past 4 years! So excited! Only 13 more months to go, we are nearing the 1/3 completed mark folks. This week has been super great because I received three pictures of my favorite missionary during the week.  I know....I was greatly blessed this week! The heavens were shining down on me even though it kept snowing on me here in Utah.
Here is her letter this week:
Hey guys! 
Ha Ha, well this week has been awesome! I sadly didn't get to have my baptism because the girl told us she is moving to Tumbes right after she was done with her baptism interview..... what the crap... Hermana Brown cried only a little bit. The work is just a crazy roller coaster here in Angamos. The people here are smart and so they really understand what we are teaching them and ask a lot of questions which is cool. It’s kind of like a States mission here. Yes we are still getting doors slammed in our faces every single day but hey the people we are teaching will be really strong in the church once they convert. Yes I say once they convert because they will one day. 
This week we had exchanges with our sister leaders. I am not too nervous to do these anymore because my Spanish has progressed a lot. It was really fun and I learned a lot from Hermana Orellana. We had lessons and found a family to teach which is awesome! They are really receptive too! I’m excited to keep teaching them. I asked Hermana Orellana how many baptisms she had and she said she didn’t know. How do you not know like really? She said they aren’t my baptisms anyways they are the lords. None of us really have baptisms because it was the Holy Spirit that testified of our words. It could of been any of the missionaries that taught them. I liked that a lot and kind of changed my whole aspect of baptisms. Even if I wasn’t able to have a baptism that I would still be happy because I spent every day furthering the work by talking to everyone I could and introducing people to the church of Jesus Christ.
So yes it was Women’s conference! Hermana Ana is so awesome! She said that we could go with her to the conference. We had an investigator lined up to to go with us but last minute she told us she couldn’t go anymore! Hermana Rasmussen invited us over to the mission home and we got to watch it in English! President also put it in Spanish for Hermana Ana! I loved it! It was all about service! What better to hear about when serving a mission no? It was good to understand everything too lol. I can testify that when we serve others that we receive bigger blessings in our lives and that when serving you forget that you’re even serving because you grow to have great love for the people. 
So it was Easter this Sunday! Ha ha I didn’t see a single colored egg or I didn’t eat one piece of candy... that’s weird lol. Here they celebrate Easter for 3 days! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! You would think this would be a few great contacting days, but nope... haha everyone was actually kind of mean and we got doors slammed in our faces but whatever :) We had a dinner at the Silvas house with all the missionaries and they put on a cute little devotional about Easter! It was awesome! We after ate chicken and fries with Inca cola... ha ha... no I still don’t like Inca Cola :)
Yes it was Presidente’s birthday!!! He does like eggs so no we didn’t smash eggs on his head ha ha... ( I’m hoping if I tell people I don’t like eggs that they will be that nice when it’s my birthday ) We had yummy grilled cheese and Hermana Rasmussen’s famous lemon cake! SO GOOD! It was fun to celebrate and get to talk to other missionaries and stuff. 
For P day today we got pedicures with Hermana Ana! She is the best seriously! She has become a really big influence in my life here on the mission. She has taught me countless things but most of all how to love and serve others! She is seriously amazing! I love her so much!! Also we went to Cactacous and tried to buy a bag and well I didn’t buy one but I did order one that will be ready next week. I thought it would be cooler to have one that actually had what I wanted on it and so it’s going to have my name and my mission and the Piura Vida sign! It’s going to be awesome! :) Now we are here in the mission home making cookies with members here in the ward and Hermana Rasmussen! We seriously have the best mission Presidents! I can’t complain about the air conditioning either :) We have a family home evening later tonight with all the missionaries in our district at the mission home and are watching a world wide choir? It should be a blast :) 
Well that’s pretty much all from me this week! Hope you all had a great Easter :) Remember to continue to serve your neighbors and you will be greatly blessed. love you all. 
Hermana brown
Picture sent to me from President Rasmussen. I knew it would be worth my while to friend him on facebook!!  I have seen may pictures posted of my favorite missionary on his mission page, but this was my first to get personally from him. SWEET! I believe this was Easter Sunday and also President Rasmussen's Birthday!
Hermana Ana sent me this picture on P-day!  She is such a sweetheart. Aushlynn and her companion live in one of their apartments.  They have also been called to serve as Mission Presidents in July for another Peru mission.  They are gonna be awesome. She took the missionaries to get pedicures on Monday.  LUCKY! I have not got one since before she left!
I received this picture from Hermana Ana after Women's Conference.  It was such a tender mercy to receive. To know that me and my daughter were doing the same thing at the same time was awesome.  It has been a tradition for me and the girls to go downtown to conference for awhile, so it was fun to continue the tradition....well sort of!
Here are some of the crazy animals that you can find running around Peru.  Madi is sure that the dogs are going to haunt her dreams! Haha! I don't know, but I would guess those are going to be around a long time before they are purchased!
The people on the bus!  Jimmy was so excited to see this picture of Hermana Brown and her companion and another set of sister missionaries.  That boy loves busses and he LOVES to see Aushlynn on a bus.  It makes his day!
Hermana Brown says that this is the meal that she sees 5 out of 7 days in the week. I am forbidden from making chicken, rice and beans when she returns home. She is grateful for a meal and also for the hands that prepared it...but she wishes for a little variety. I think it looks super tasty!
Peruvian sandal's....she say they are super comfortable.

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