Thursday, July 29, 2010

Greatest American Hero

Aushlynn has recently found out that she has super powers. I do not know if it was something that I ate when I was pregnant with her.......or maybe she was bit by a radio active spider. Anyway....
She is not to good at flying. She just about ran into me as I was taking her picture. The time before she ran into the shed out back and knocked the doors off. You can see the evidence in the picture. I think that she flies like Ralph on the Greatest American Hero.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grandma Great

This is my Grandma. She is great! Right now she is not feeling so great. She usually lives in St. George, but has decided to take a break from the heat and stay at my parents place, in Idaho, in her 5th wheel. It is nice. She even has a animal print comforter on her bed. My Grandma is SASSSSY!
On Sunday, she was straighting her rug at the entrance of her humble abode and she fell. She broke her pelvis in two places. See.....I told everyone that camping is never a good idea! Now she is either bed or wheelchair bound for the next two weeks. Worst part she can't even go to the Rodeo! :0(

I learned today that she is working on a new dance move called the Grandma Shuffle. I am sure that once she perfects and patents the move we will see her video on youtube or maybe on America's Got Talent!
I hope that she starts feeling GREAT really soon!

WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA! See you on Friday!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Princess Fizzles Bryant

A few weeks ago we were able to go up to Idaho and see Dani. Dani is the runt of the family, I mean the baby. (although she is waaay to skinny). A few years back she spread her wings and flew all the way to California. She found an awesome job at Target and they keep her super busy. So busy that she has only been to the beach 3 or 4 times! Can you believe that? She also found something else at Target: BRANDON!

I am not sure how many times that Brandon has been out of the big city.....but he loved the nothingness of Idaho. Brandon is a musician,, but I have never heard him play. He also works at Target as a Security Guard. But......he doesn't get to carry a gun. Poor boy. He is taking psychology classes and I am pretty sure that he was analyzing my family the whole time. (this is where you should run Brandon!) He would always say some random number.....I think that he was up to 72 when I left. Not sure what that was about. He is married to my sister in facebook. I am pretty sure that I am his favorite facebook-sister-in-law! Guess what??? When they do get married for reals.....I get to be the 1st one to know. Dani promised. You see......Dani and I never get told anything. She is going to let me be the 1st to know something........I promise that she will be the 1st to know if I ever have another kid. Its a win win for both of us.

Oh yeah, Brandon is a wanna be Pyro. He spent like 50 bucks on 10 fireworks. They are against the law in California. (he could have got the big pack at Harmon's for $47) should have been here when we lit fireworks off on the would have loved them!

The best thing about Brandon is he thinks that I am funny!

This is my sisters dog....I mean baby.....Fizz. He is cool. He is famous to. He had a huge article wrote about him in a paper in California. He likes to pee on everything and I mean everything! Brandon lets fizz lick him on the lips.....eww. Fizz was licking other places and I would NEVER let him lick me on the face.

Dani and Brandon and need to come and visit me and we will teach you how to DUTCH OVEN! I mean really Dutch oven! ...............We're having Chocolate Malts?!?!?!

Monday, July 26, 2010

5th Grade

Today is the 1st day of School. I don't know who is more excited Me or Madison. She enters the 5th grade today and her teacher is Mrs. Barbiero. Madison is not to excited about her teacher, she has not heard good things about her. I told her to just give her a chance and form her own opinions! By the way, I was a AWESOME MOM today. I made scrambled eggs with ham and waffles for her breakfast. I hope that she has a great day. I cannot believe that my baby is in the 5th grade!

By the way........Madison LOVED her teacher! Her teacher will let her bring snacks for the middle of the day! She is excited for school tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trip to Denver

We took a family vacation to Denver a week ago. We had tons of fun! We left early on a Saturday morning and got to Denver Saturday afternoon. Kendall and the boys immediately headed down to Coors Field to watch the Rockies and the Padres play. While they were there they got their picture taken with Ubaldo Jimenez. He is the Rockies star pitcher that started the All-Star game this year. They loved it! They also won that night.

The next day the whole family went downtown early and walked around the 16th street outdoor mall. They had tons of stores. Ten blocks worth to be exact. We then all headed back over to Coors field to watch a second Rockies game. They didn't win this one, but it was still a blast.

On Monday, we headed over to Elitch Gardens. This is Denver's Amusement Park. It's an Amusement Park and Water Park all in one. They had some very fun roller coasters that we all loved. Late in the day as the temperatures were around 95 degrees, we rode a ride that got you soaked. It generates this gigantic wave that no matter where you are sitting, you get swamped. Avery, Maddy, Mindy and I were the only ones that braved it. Aushlynn and Dyllon chickened out. We rode it twice. It felt good because it was so hot.

On Tuesday, we headed over to Water World. This waterpark is huge and has been featured on the Travel Channel as one of the top ten in America. We loved the raft rides that your family can all ride together. They had Journey to the center of the earth, Storm, and Pharohs Revenge. They also have this huge wave pool that generates a 15 foot wave that demolishes everybody in it's path. So FUN! We got there when it opened and stayed until it closed. We were having so much fun.

On Wednesday, we left Denver and headed back to Utah via I-70. When we got back into Utah, we headed over to Arches National Park. We bought a National Park Pass earlier in the year when we went to Bryce Canyon and Zion's National Park, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to see another National Park. We decided to Camp overnight just outside of Arches. It was HOT!!! At Ten O Clock it was still 100 degrees outside. We camped right next to the Colorado River which we thought would be cooler. Nope it was still very hot. Everyone had a hard time sleeping. Still the night sky was fantastic with the bright stars.

The next morning we got up and headed into Arches early. The rock formations there are unbelievable. God has blessed us with some very neat things on this earth. I am glad that I am able to live in a place that gives me the opportunity to witness them. After Arches, we headed home. We had a great time as a family and was glad that we could spend the time together.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


There are a few things in life that I dislike. Most of them include either onions, mushrooms or peppers, (no fajitas for me....ew..) traveling in the car or camping. We went on a family vacation to Denver and on our way back we stayed at Arches...........CAMPING!!!

Now, don't get me wrong. Nature can be beautiful when viewed from afar or in pictures. I just don't like to be in it. Especially when I have to sleep in it. It is dirty, full of bugs and HOT as 50 hecks!

And it smells super bad at times. Have you ever had to use one of these at 3:00 a.m. in the night with a flashlight? NOT FUN! I guess that I should not have drank 3 water bottles in the night. But, honestly I thought that I was going to die of dehydration because of the heat. I had.....I mean really had to go........I had no choice. I really did think about a bush.....but then I scratched that idea. Did you know that bugs in the night are attracted to light. They were attacking me! Assaulting me really!

We were right on the Colorado river. It was pretty and sounded nice. (that was until I had to go then it sounded like torture)

This is one of the pictures that I took from the campsite.

This is where I slept.......or at least attempted it. A tent.........I know! I am super brave. It was seriously at least 90 degrees. I don't know how Kendall fell asleep so fast. He was like......I am tired.....I am going to sleep now and then..........ZZZZ.....SNORE.....HONK...(insert semi's shifting down the highway noise here!) It was pretty much the worst night of my life! The kids complained for hours and then finally fell asleep........How they did it I don't know?? I think I finally passed out of heat exhaustion around 4:30 am.

I think that I have camped enough for my lifetime!
I think that I will stick to the Hiltons next time around! Now that is my kind of camping......with a bed and a pool!