Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dusting off the Ol' Blog

Well, the time has come to dust off the old blog.  I have been thinking about doing this for the past few weeks.  It is time that we once again chronicle the adventures of my life.  No Judging!  This is real life for me.

So much has happened since August 2012.

Dyllon graduated from high school.  He completed a semester down at Dixie College.  He then served a 2 year LDS mission in the Knoxville Tennessee.  He returned home in 2014.  He has been home for a year now and is attending SLCC Community nearing completion of his Associates Degree.  He also works full-time for a company called Del-Sol.  He has been quite busy with life.  He has made a few major purchases over the last year.  A Mac Air book (he is now cooler than his parents), a PS4 (every man's dream) and a 2013 Subaru. 

Avery has had quite the past few years.  Like his brother he graduated from high school.  He then spent the fall working as a mover for a few moving companies.  He followed in his brothers footsteps and turned in his papers to serve a LDS mission.  He was called to serve in the Columbus Ohio mission.  He left in February of 2014.  He will return in 5 months.  Avery has had quite the trial out there.  His alopecia has flare up and he has lost all of his hair.  He is a trooper who looks like Mr. Clean. I will not be messing with him when he gets back.  Avery also had a bike accident in June that dislocated his Elbow.  I cannot wait for him to get home so I can hug that boy.  I sure do miss him but know that he is serving the Lord where he needs to be.

Aushlynn graduated from high school this last May.  She has been quite the money pit the last few years.  A few years back she was suffering from unexplained belly pains.  After months of Dr. appointments, tests (she is so funny coming out of anesthesia) and prescriptions the pains have just went away.  We still do not know what caused them but we are grateful that she is feeling better.  This past spring she was taking a weightlifting class in school and was having elbow pain.  She ended up having to have surgery on the elbow in June around the same time that Avery injured his elbow.  All is well with her know.  Aushlynn is going be leaving us in 9 weeks to serve a LDS mission to Piura Peru speaking Spanish.  We are busy getting her ready to leave.


The caboose, Madison is now a Sophmore at Bingham.  I am still having to carpool. Some day that will end.  She is a sassy one.  Right now she is boy CrAzy! She is a excellent student and I am looking forward to this year of not having to make sure that homework gets done. She is 15.  Her past times are texting boys and snap chatting her friends.  I am always a star of her snap chats.  I am sure that her friends enjoy seeing unflattering pictures of her mom.

Kendall still works at ADP.  In fact he has been working for the same company for 22 years.  He is super committed to them. He is awesome, in fact he still laughs at my jokes and thinks that I am funny. His only flaw that I have found in 24 years of marriage is that he refuses to keep the toothpaste tube clean.  I mean he lets that sucker get so nasty.  We cannot share a tube of toothpaste and I always know when he moves in on mine.  I guess if that is his only weakness the I scored in the husband department.
As for is still the same.  I am stuck in a rut.  I still have my daycare and watch kids.  They keep me young...or so I think.  I might be completely gray in the hair dept.  I am not sure and I will keep coloring it so I will not finds out.  I finally completed my associated Degree.  YEAH ME!  It was a huge accomplishment.  Once my kids finish up with the missions I will go back and complete the Bachelor's just for kicks and giggles.

Well, I am sure that you missed me and the posts.  I am back!