Wednesday, February 24, 2016

They Got Me!!!!

Has there ever been a time in your life that you should have saw something coming like a mile a minute and did not? I realized today that I could actually be a true blonde because I was so gullible.

You see these two boys...right they look pretty sweet and innocent.........but......they set me up big time about a week ago......and they went right for the jugular. They told me that they were both being transferred and they were putting Sister missionaries back in our area. Now...don't get me wrong...I love the Sister missionaries....I have one myself....but for some reason I just really like having the Elders in our area.  Before the Elders came in May 2015, we had Sisters in the area the whole 15 years we have lived here. So naturally I was devastated. I have been upset about it for the week. We had them over for dinner the other day to say goodbye. We signed one of the Elders tie that we had got him for Christmas. The other Elder did not have anything for us to sign for him to remember us by....I should have taken a clue there. I should have also taken a clue by the fact that he is hardly ever serious. I never know if he is kidding me or not.

Case in point...the first time he ever ate dinner at our house I sent the very picture you see to his mom. She replied back and asked who she could thank.....well he stole my phone and said it's me mom...I finally got my own phone because me and my companion miss our friends...shh don't tell my mission president.  Anyway after pulling his mom's leg for awhile, she called him "Dude" he replied. Mom...I am a representative  of Jesus cannot call me Dude. So she called him Elder Dude. Anyway...he asked me if I could keep the dialog going for a week with his mom. He is quite the jokster come to find out. 

Anyway, back to me...I was upset Monday and I cried about them leaving like 4 times on Tuesday....I clearly have problems please don't jugde. Haha! Tuesday evening we had to go to the New Beginnings program at the church and Madi saw Elder Dude there. She was like...what the heck...I thought you were transfered? He begged her not to tell me and go along with the joke because he want to come by and record my reaction. Well....Madi is loyal to her mother and told me.

Anyways.....I was upset for NO reason. Elders are still in my area. THEY GOT ME...GOT ME GOOD, and to think....I shared my Reisens with them.  I will forever call this one Sister Dude. Poor Sister Dude...the joke did not go as planned. I am now on to this one! can I get this one back??? Muhhahhah.

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