Friday, February 19, 2016

In Memory.......

We lost a few good friends yesterday due to an accidently on purpose incident. So sad actually. I have heard the words "Don't play in the bathroom" come out of my mouth at least 1,567,543 times in the last 20 years and not a single word of it has been heard from anybody but me.

I have been stressing out lately because my state licensor has scheduled my annual review. It always freaks me out so I want everything to be perfect. My kids hate me for about 2 weeks solid because I make them get everything MOM clean.  Well, the day arrived yesterday and I was ready and confident.

The door bell rang and I left Crue and Tatum downstairs while I answered it. It was Jimmy and Eva. I was upstairs for less than 2 minutes. When I came back they were laughing in the bathroom. Mater and Doc were in the toilet. I fished them out....gross....asked if they put anything else in....No was the answer. Mater and Doc were soaked in a bleach solution and back in action a hour later.

Avery got up for work,showered and took care of business in the bathroom. Some of the business...well all of it would not go down so naturally he plunged for 5 minutes. No luck!

Avery came and shared the new that we had a clogged toilet. NO! I freaked out just a licensor is going to be here at 12:30....Oh My HECK! Why do these things happen to me??!! I need a working toilet to pass my inspection.

I called a couple places and found a guy who could come ASAP....lucky me. He arrived about 30 minutes later. The plumber complimented me on my BYU sweatshirt, noted that I only had boys in my daycare (Crue and Eva were at preschool) and got down to the dirty work with an auger. He worked at it for 10 minutes. NO LUCK!!! He ended up pulling the toilet off.  This is what he found and who we are remembering today....They were good toys...but they are gonners. They met a crappy end that is for sure. They have gone to the porcelain racetrack in the sky!
Leak Less

Snot Rod

Lightning McQueen

Optimus Prime

Here is our toy killer. I can't believe he stuffed that many toys in there! That is quite impressive! He is no longer allowed to go into the bathroom until his hands and pockets have been searched. I think that his shirt was appropriate for today. Anyway, an hour later and $150 poorer my bathroom was back in business. I told my state licensor about it and she just laughed.

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  1. Dad says, "$150 dollars to pull a toilet off, Oh my heck!" Hope you charged it to the parents! I can hear the licensor laughing all the way up in Idaho! Sorry Dindoes!