Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Yesterday was pretty frustrating. There is a problem with myldsmail. It made receiving emails from Aushlynn yesterday pretty challenging.  Kendall was able to see them, but it took about 2 hours later for me to see them on my phone.  I guess that you needed to have a certain serve to view them.  Anyway, I know there were a lot of missionary mommas that did not even get emails thru yesterday, so I feel blessed that we had communication.
Mommy and daddy!
Well this week was sooo long. We got right to work on Tuesday. We only had the area book to go off of because it was a whole new area for the sisters. This week was full of hard work but our numbers showed it. We had 2 investigators with baptism dates and we also have 7 progressing investigators. We also contacted 164 people this week. Every day I would come back to our apartment and just crash. Our area is so big compared to La Cruz.... also we are actually knocking doors now and not just yelling for people to come to the door because they didn’t have a door. Ha Ha. The members here are so awesome! We have a member with us every day. I think we had 10 lessons with members present this past week!
I’m not sure which area I like better to be honest. In La Cruz all the people were so friendly and nice and willing to listen and here it’s like some people are nice and others are just like I don’t want to hear it. Also there is so many more people here. We are in a part where there is a university. A lot of students in our area. A lot of them are learning English. One day we were contacting at night and passed by a store and Presidente comes walking out! Haha that’s sure different than being in La Cruz.
Oh mom guess what! We have RATS in our apartment! Yeah RATS!!! Oh no..... I seriously cringe every time I walk in there. I think they get in because we have a hole in our ceiling. We are moving apartments on Wednesday because this apartment isn’t even in our area so I’m glad to be moving!
My Spanish seems to only be getting better and a lot of people said my Spanish has improved or that it is good. Little by little and I’ll be a native speaker. I actually speak all my best Spanish on the phone lol. All those nights staying up late talking to people on the phone has paid off ha ha.
Church was super good. We had 4 of our investigators attend. Presidente Rasmussen wasn’t at church this week but Hermana Rasmussen was! She is so great. It was good to sit and talk with her.
The food here is so different. There is actually restaurants and man I had the best PIZZA the other day for like 8 soles. It seriously tasted like the pie. This area definitely has its perks. On the flip side there is a drink called Chicha Morado and it’s really nasty it’s made of purple corn, pineapple, cinnamon and cloves. Everywhere I go they give it to us. Hermana Martinez always drinks mine ha ha very sneaky.
It is so so hot here! Dang the beach was so nice in La Cruz and I was really blessed with my first area because here it’s just blazing hot. I’m much tanner now though lol.
Today for P-day we went to the mall and looked around and I got to see and meet a lot of missionaries! All 30 of us ate at Chili’s and yeah it was everything I dreamed it would be! Haha! I still have yet to see Elder Hill but one of these days I’m sure we will run into each other. Also, I am traveling back to Lima on the 12th for my Visa.
We had a zone meeting this week as well and there is a lot of missionaries in my zone. It’s a great group of missionaries. My ZLS are super cool. I also received letters from Grandma Peterson and Matt Robinson. It’s always fun to hear from people back home! I also received my package and yes I loved it. Everything that I wanted! I loved all the letters as well. Anyways that’s pretty much it for this week but I’m praying for everyone back home every night and for their safety.
Love you all.
Hermana Brown

Hermana Brown and her companion Hermana Martinez.
Aushlynn's room in Piura for the next few days....apparently they have unwelcome roommates.  Ahh rats....the poor girl.
Aushlynn came across some cute planter pots in Piura.
She is a fan of the food that she can get in Piura.....here is the pizza that she had.  Looks good to me.  She told me is scared for her weight and has gained 3 lbs....Maybe I need to send her a exercise program...apparently she is not getting enough exercise with the walking.
Hermana Brown and the Sister missionaries at Chili"s.........A dream lunch come true for her.  I imaging she had the chips and salsa and then the Chicken wraps....one of her favorites.

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  1. I am so glad she finally got some letters from me! I was beginning to wonder if she ever would get any! Too bad about the rats! Maybe she will have to stop sharing some things like that with her Mom! LOL! She looks great!