Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Duper Bowl

It was a pretty awesome day at our house yesterday. We had been waiting anxiously for the past two weeks for the game to start. Last monday, I kid you not , a show called Opening Night Live actually said; "We will be bringing you over 88 hours of pregame show." Now, I like the games...but pregame shows are just a little much for me. Well, I survived all the pregame nonsense and we actually made it to kick off. 
All the Brown's were dressed from head to toe in our Broncos finest gear. The walls we decorated with flags, posters and plaques. Mylar bronco helmet floating with pride. Bronco blankets and pillow pets were in attendance.......folks nobody can accuse us of not doing our part.
 Madi ready for the game!
 Dyllon and Kendall waiting for a commercial to get over. Don't let Dyllon's cool relaxed photo fool you...he had anxiety the whole game!
When the game got intense....we had to stand extra close to the tv......I had to remind the boys of daycare tv standing in front of the have to sit down in front for everyone to see. These people are not clear and we cannot see thru them!
After an intense game.....mostly defensive plays the Denver Broncos came out on top of the Panthers. My boys could not have been any more excited.  Thus ending a 17 year drought for Broncos fans....we needed this! Denver Broncos win the 50th Superbowl...I like the sound of that .....everybody remembers the big ones!
My boys are getting in the car today and heading over to Denver for the victory parade.....they are committed fans! I on the other hand will be working....but even if I went I probably would not even be able to see over the person in front of no biggie!
Oh man.....I wish Aushlynn would have been with us to see it.......she would have went wild! We recorded it for her.

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  1. We watched at home, good win! We celebrated with shrimp and chicken and fries. The boys are only 4 hours from Jeremy's, they should stop in before heading home! I did not realize it had been 17 years since the Broncos won the Superbowl! What did you think of the commercials, I thought most of them were stupid this year! And half time - bleh!