Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Zoom Zoom Zoom....

So...another week has went by......this one seemed pretty fast. Actually it has be the fastest missionary momma week I have ever experienced. WOOT!!! I hope they all whiz by at this speed. Oh, myldsmail.net has been having issues for a few weeks. WHY, TELL ME WHY STOP THIS INDECENCY ??!!! Ok.. rant over. Anyway....what  I am trying to say is Aushlynn might not be getting what you send to her or even worse...you might not get what she sends to you! I know...it is horrible and I feel your pain. Just stay calm and breath...it will be ok....maybe. Let us all pray that the issues will be resolved soon.... like now would be good. Oh, here is her letter and some pictures.

 Heyyyyyyy Everybody!

So this week was not what Hermana Martinez and I were expecting. It’s been a very hard week. Going from two awesome weeks full of hard work and the numbers showing….. to working so hard this week and not having our numbers show it. This whole week we were out working really hard and only having 1 lesson with a member present and have 2 baptism dates fall through. It was definitely a frustrating week. I know missionaries are bound to have weeks like that but it just didn’t feel good. 

We still have 4 investigators on for baptisms but we had to change their dates because we weren’t going to be able to teach them everything by the time their date was set. It’s frustrating sometimes working with investigators because we will teach them like on a Saturday and then we will say so when can we come back... oh yeah in a week. Like no....... we need to teach like 2 or 3 lessons a week with you!!! We also had members with us every day but our lessons would fall through gahh!! 

So anyways.... Yes I went back to Lima and well...... I GOT MY VISA WOOT WOOT!! I look super ridiculous in my picture though.... :( We got up really early on Friday and I flew with Hermana pay and 2 other elders. There is one elder than has been here 6 months and he still doesn’t have his... he has one more month and if he doesn’t get it than he has to be in a different mission in the states. 

While I was in Lima I got to eat subway!! Man I have never downed a sub that fast before! It was delicious!! Also we saw other missionaries that weren’t in my group in the CCM but we were there with them for 4 weeks. One is from North Carolina and one is from Herriman also Elder Jensen from my group was there. It also wasn’t like a million degrees in lima so that was nice! I think since the weather change was so sudden and different I brought back with me a cold.... ;( . Also this week we had a multizone conference and Presidente and his wife taught us lessons and we had lunch. It was really awesome. I learned a lot from the talks that were given.

Today for p-day we played soccer with our zone and did carnival activities with water balloons and such! It was really fun. The assistantes poured the biggest bucket of water on my head for no reason!!! I told them that carnival is all of February and that they should watch their backs haha. Also we were in Catacous today and I saw the elder that was talking badly about the Broncos and telling me they wouldn’t win. When he saw me he ran away ha ha! 

We are trying to plan a district activity for next Monday and go to the mountains to these cool cities but we have to get permission first. I think it would be really fun but we would have to leave really early in the morning!! Anyways... So the bishop told us that we could stay in the place we are staying now for 400 soles and month!! #BLESSED!!! They really are the nicest people! They want me to teach them English before they leave to be the mission presidents in Huancajo, Peru. Also another interesting thing that happened this week is there is a Chinese woman that has come to the church 2 times and lives in our area and she only speaks English. She wants to hear our message so we get to teach her in English!!! Maybe Hermana Rasmussen can come with us one day and teach her :)

Anyways yeah that’s pretty much all! Love you all

Hermana brown

 Aushlynn and her Companion.
 Aushlynn, Hermana Martinez, Hermana Rasmussen and another Hermana.
 Aushlynn's district in Piura.
 Aushlynn, Hermana Martinez and the Zone Leaders.
 Multizone conference.
 Trying to be funny at the multizone conference.
 A picture at lunch when she had to fly to Lima for her Visa. This group if from missions all over Peru.
Cow heart and fries. She says it is delicious...but kinda chewy. I would try the fries on the plate. Who knew she was so brave when it comes to eating food. She is a changed girl that is for sure! Now if I can only get her to eat coleslaw!

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