Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It was a Super week.....and a Super Bowl win too!

Another frustrating week with myldsmail again this week......once again we are extremely grateful that we had communication with this sweet girl.  It was an amazing weekend for us and we could not wait to share the news with Aushlynn that the Broncos won the Super Bowl.  She loves that team!  She is a real fan...knows all the players and positions and what they contribute to the team and everything.  Way more of a committed fan then me.  Kendall, Dyllon and Avery are currently at the Broncos victory parade as I type this.  They promised her all sorts if pictures and souvenirs...she is ecstatic! (and a little bit jealous...okay a lot bit jealous...but we recorded the game for her so she can enjoy it in 15 months.)

Aushlynn is hitting her 100 days tomorrow!  I can't believe that she has been gone that long...it has went fast and slow at the same time....less than 15 months left!  Here is her letter:

SO..... This week couldn’t have been any better... well maybe some parts but for the most part it was amazing! First things first... We moved. Haha..... funny story. So we got the okay to move to this new room. We packed all our things with the help of the Elders. I am pretty much a pro at packing up entire rooms and moving since I have had to do it twice now. So all the Elders had to do was sign the contract and we could move all of our stuff inside... well he read through it and it looked good but then the girl said…. oh you have to pay 1 year in advance... like what, no way we can’t… then he said 6 months… then he said 2.... Frustrating.... then they said we couldn’t cook and by this time Elder Wilson is so frustrated... We only have pension for lunch so we cook our meals for breakfast and dinner... long story short…. we have all of our things outside this room and no room. The bishop offered us the apartment above his house till we can find a room. It’s so huge!!!! 2 rooms... a living room... a full kitchen... 2 bathrooms. FOR REALS IT IS LUXURY!! We even have hot water at night. Haha makes me not even wanna look for a new room, but we are trying… but we are in a really rich area so all the rooms we look at are so so so tiny that could fit maybe both our beds for like 700... and we can pay like 450. It’s seriously so frustrating.

That setback didn’t stop our progress though. We have so many progressing investigators and we have 7 baptismal dates!!!! Three for the 20th of February. We had a district meeting and our tactic before the meeting was get to know the people and teach the first lesson, but now they made it so we get to know the person and ask them to be baptized in the very first lesson.... well obviously it works because we have 7 baptism dates!!! We had 10 lessons with a member present which is AMAZING!!! We also had over 100 contacts!! Four investigators assisted to the church this week as well. Me and Hermana Martinez worked so hard this week and our numbers definitely show that.

The Elders had a baptism this week it was really beautiful and the spirit was so strong. I was a baby like usual... just imagine when it’s my convert... yikes!! We had 2 investigators attend the baptism which was awesome!!

This week was fast Sunday and seriously on this mission it is so hard because you seriously need to be constantly drinking something, but the testimony meeting was so strong and I even bore my testimony.... it was a little rough at first but towards the end i was flowing with my Spanish. I even cracked a joke and said I wouldn’t be in Peru and eating rice and chicken everyday if the church wasn’t true.... everyone laughed. Hey... I guess I can actually be funny in two languages lol. The lady that was feeding us lunch that day came up to me and told me she was sorry but we were having rice and chicken lol.... freaking funny!!!.

I write Presidente a letter every week and tell him about our week and last week I sent him mine and he responded. He said he is amazed how quickly I have adapted to missionary life and that he sees that I am a really hard worker and a great example of a consecrated missionary! It made me feel so good!

Today for p-day we went to Cactucous... it’s a small town outside of Piura that has a strip where people selling a lot of things... I purchased a customized leather scripture case... I’ll send pictures when I get it next week!!! It’s so awesome and it has my name HERMANA AUSHLYNN BROWN on it, my mission date and everything.

I heard that the Broncos won by Hermana Pay when I saw her at the store... she said congrats your Broncos won and I was like WHAT NO!!!!!! I dropped to the floor and shed a couple tears!! I wish I was home to celebrate with you all and rub it in some people’s faces... haha. My companion is glad it is over because she is sick of hearing about it. I’ll just enjoy the win for a little longer. Haha oh man... there are two Elders that are hiding from me I just know it.... because they told me the Broncos were going to lose and they won and I was looking for them but they left before I could see them! Cowards…haha!

Also I am traveling with Hermana pay on Friday to Lima and coming back that day. Hopefully I don’t have to fly to the United States.. Well, that's all for this week! Love to you all!

Hermana Brown

Aushlynn and Elder Osmond and his companion.  They went to Bingham and graduated together.  Elder Osmond left the transfer before her.  She said that as soon as they saw each other they both said....Our Mom's are gonna need a picture!  Love that they are thinking of the Momma's! She said that it was awesome to see a familiar face!
Jimmy, one of the boys that I watch loves to see pictures of Aushlynn...he especially loves to see pictures of her on the bus!  Hermana Martinez and Hermana Brown.
Awe... the dinner of Champions!
Moving day! 
Ok, I lifted this picture off the Peru Missionary Momma's page.  It looks like someone was having a birthday.  This was in her area of La Cruz a few weeks ago! Happy Birthday Elder Hunt!

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