Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Now that's a lot of pictures...Yeah!

It was great to hear from Aushlynn twice in the last 5 days.  Her mission President gave the missionaries permission to email on Thursday of last week because of all the problems that myldsmail had been having.  It was fun to have the extra email.  This week Myldsmail ran like a dream.  I think that all the missionary mommas out there have been praying that it would be fix.  Prayers Answered! Aushlynn has sent us a overload of pictures...ok....she did not send them all.....I took a few of them from the Piura Peru Mission facebook page.  They had a special conference for all the Hermana's and I took liberties in using the photos that she was in. I'm pretty sure that they are ok with it. She had a amazing time meeting all the Hermanas in her mission. Well, here is her week.
Hola Mis Padres!
Well so this is how the rest of the week went.... SUN SUN AND MORE SUN!!! I swear it kicked up like 5 or 10 notches. The last 3 days the sun has been horrible!! I have never experienced heat like this. I am showering like 3 times a day. Also yesterday night it rained a ton and so it is so humid today. Also the sun is blazing so I am sweating sooooo much. I need something to drink to help cool me down but the only thing people sell here on the streets that is drinkable is Chicha which is blehhhhhhh! Man I can’t believe I am saying this but I miss the weather in Utah!!!

This last week we gained 3 new promising investigators. One is a boy who is 18 and he is really cool and has been studying English for 4 years. Another lady that is recently divorced. We really worked so hard this week just to find those people. Also our investigators are all over the place. They just aren’t wanting to have a lot of lessons. Like one a week. It’s frustrating. We are seriously out in the SUN OF SATAN from 11 to 1 and 3 to 930. Knocking doors and talking to everyone we see. It’s frustrating when our numbers at the end of the week look like we slacked because we didn’t!!

We visited a lot of less actives this week which was good. There is one guy that isn’t married and is around 50 years old I think. He was really really active in the church and is endowed and everything. He had an issue with the bishop at one point and just stopped doing anything with the church all together. I’m pretty sure I spoke my best Spanish that day when I told him that he doesn’t go to church for other members and that he doesn’t take the sacrament for other members... he takes it for himself. It’s his relationship with our heavenly father. I felt so powerful with my Spanish. My companion also told me that my Spanish words I spoke felt powerful. I felt like I gave him a spiritual slap to the face. He came to church this Sunday! I seriously had the biggest smile on my face.

An accomplishment I am hoping to achieve this next week is to finish the book of Mormon in Spanish. It’s been so hard to read it in Spanish because I understand like a fourth of what I read but as I read it... I have understood more and more and now I can understand almost every word.

This Sunday was our ward conference also. The missionaries did a musical number! I sang the first verse all by myself and Hermana Martinez sang the 2 verse and another elder sang the 3rd and everyone sang the 4th. We sang lord I will follow thee. It was very pretty. We also got a new bishop!! It is our missional leader so we will be getting a new one soon. The new bishop is so young and has 1 kid, his name is Dyllon spelled exactly like our Dyllon. He knows a lot about the church and will do great!

Thursday we had a meeting with all the sisters in the mission. It was cool to meet everyone. It was so great to see the sisters from Tumbes!! I miss them a lot. I told Hermana McRae in 6 months I will be her companion in Sedamilla. Sedamilla is a city in Tumbes! That means she will serve all her mission in Tumbes and never go to Piura hahhahaha. I mean if I had to do that I wouldn’t be mad because I love the north part. The people are so loving. Not that I’m complaining about my area here because it’s very nice and the members are so willing to help. Now if only I could have the best of both worlds somewhere. Haha so yeah that was pretty much my week.

Hope all is well back home. Praying for each one of you! 

Hermana brown
She labeled this picture "Queen of the Palms"
Hey....what up with everyone?  Drop me a line I would love to hear from you! aushlynn.brown@myldsmail.net
Aushlynn had a amazing cover made for her Spanish set of her scriptures.
It was hand carved by a man in Piura. She was so excited to receive it.
The front is John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. It also her name an her mission information.
The back is the Tree of life.  What an amazing souvenir she will have to remember her mission by.
This is a Peruvian Gym. I am sure that there are lines of people waiting to use the equipment in the 100+ degree heat! Xemina is help her demonstrate how to use the equipment.  She is a member who enjoys going on lesson with the missionaries and hopes to serve a mission someday. 
Worlds smallest cheese grater.  Aushlynn says she has only had cheese one time on her mission and that is when the mission president made Cheese Fries! There must be a cheese shortage there...or maybe it is not something that they use often.  I remember another time of her having cheese on a pizza....she must be losing her mind!
Powerlines...they are all over the place like this....safety hazard. She ran into one with her face, it must have been a inactive wire or something.  She needs to be careful!
Ok, I am not at all surprised to see a picture of a newborn.  A member had her baby and this is a picture of her 4 days old.  Aushlynn LOVES babies!  I guess it comes from her always having babies around her growing up.  It probably kills her that she can't hold and snuggle her.
Nail update......They are getting longer.  Remember I told you a few months ago that she always bit her nails off.  well, she is overcoming that habit on her mission.  This is the longest that I have ever seen her fingernails.  Madi now teases her that she has Fiamanu claws. He is a missionary that serves in our mission that always has long fingernails......the girls used to give him a hard time about it. I think that they are fine! Looks like they are ready for paint!
Hermana Brown and Hermana McRae
Hermana Brown and a mini missionary
Aushlynn and Sister McRae again.  They used to go on exchanges in La Cruz.  They must have missed each other!
Aushlynn, Hermana Martinez and President Rasmussen. Aush and her companion went to see if Hermana Rasmussen would like to help teach the Chinese woman the discussion is English.  The Mission President had them come to the kitchen and shared some cheese fries with them!
All the Hermanas in the Piura Peru Mission.
All sister conference
Lunch after the conference
The girls again
So... funny story with this picture. Hermana martinez showered and then when she got out I showered. When I came out of the shower hermana was cutting her hair..... what!!!! I ran over to see it and it was SO BAD!! She was like help me its horrible!! Hahaha I seriously did the best I could... this was the end result... HEY LOOK MOMMY WE ARE PLAYING HAIRCUT LOL. I need a haircut bad but no way do I dare.

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