Monday, August 2, 2010

Satin Sheets.....

This weekend we went up to Preston. I have no idea why we feel such a need to see the rodeo up there each year, but we do. It is That Famous Preston Rodeo after all. Remember how I told you that my grandma was hurt? Of course you do.... it was only 2 posts ago. Well, while we were up there.........she let me sleep in her her her SASSY Leopard print covers..........with brown satin Sheets! My Grandma is more SASSY than I thought. I was slipping and slidin' around all night! But.......I think I want to sleep there everytime I go up there....her bed is like a little piece of heaven........not like the Fred Flintstone's garage sale beds that are in the guest room at my Mom's house!

The Rodeo was fun..........the walk to it not so fun. I went to the Dr. on Friday because of my "Stupid Foot" disease. He says that I have Plantar Facitis. I think that I have a torn Peroneal tendon.............but Kendall thought that it was no big deal to park 20 miles from the arena. OK....maybe it was only half a mile....maybe less........but when your foot feels like a marathon.

The rodeo participants were great! Some were a little sick in the head.... I mean you have to be to get on a bucking horse or a bull........or jump on a running steer with horns! The clown was super funny!

We were disappointed in the parade. All it was......was HORSES and 1 marching band. I think that if you owned a horse in Preston or any surrounding area you were required to be in the parade. I did not know that they had that many horses in Idaho.
We had a great time this weekend. While we were there I painted my Grandma's toenails and fingernails. They are so beautiful. She is like my girls though.............always messing them up. We had to touch up the fingernails a few times! :0)


  1. Okay - so now I feel like the friend of the year! I totally walked right by you at the parade. I looked and thought it was you, but you hadn't said anything about coming home for the rodeo and I didn't want to make a fool of myself. DOH!!!!

    How about that bloody cowboy - the first one to ride the bronc?! Ewwww!!!

    The parade was better Thursday night. It was normal then, lol. The rodeo was better Friday night.

    Sorry I am a loser friend. :(

  2. That's okay......I will see you in the 13th.

  3. Is that what color Grandma's sheets are?! Those a like liquid chocolate. I can just imagine the dreams I'd have sleeping between those babies.
    Maybe all of those horses were jealous they didn't get to be in Napoleon Dynamite, so they get their spotlight where they can.

  4. They are not Fred Flinstone beds, just firm matresses, and I did not get them at any garage sale. Mindy just likes to sleep on marshmallows!