Monday, July 26, 2010

5th Grade

Today is the 1st day of School. I don't know who is more excited Me or Madison. She enters the 5th grade today and her teacher is Mrs. Barbiero. Madison is not to excited about her teacher, she has not heard good things about her. I told her to just give her a chance and form her own opinions! By the way, I was a AWESOME MOM today. I made scrambled eggs with ham and waffles for her breakfast. I hope that she has a great day. I cannot believe that my baby is in the 5th grade!

By the way........Madison LOVED her teacher! Her teacher will let her bring snacks for the middle of the day! She is excited for school tomorrow!


  1. First day of school already?!?!? So early!

  2. I can't wait for the first day of school. I've always loved the commercial with the mom dancing through the office supply store to "It's the Most Wonderful time of the Year"

  3. Yeah, first day of school, enjoy school while you can Maddy, before you know it you will be in your senior year!