Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Princess Fizzles Bryant

A few weeks ago we were able to go up to Idaho and see Dani. Dani is the runt of the family, I mean the baby. (although she is waaay to skinny). A few years back she spread her wings and flew all the way to California. She found an awesome job at Target and they keep her super busy. So busy that she has only been to the beach 3 or 4 times! Can you believe that? She also found something else at Target: BRANDON!

I am not sure how many times that Brandon has been out of the big city.....but he loved the nothingness of Idaho. Brandon is a musician,, but I have never heard him play. He also works at Target as a Security Guard. But......he doesn't get to carry a gun. Poor boy. He is taking psychology classes and I am pretty sure that he was analyzing my family the whole time. (this is where you should run Brandon!) He would always say some random number.....I think that he was up to 72 when I left. Not sure what that was about. He is married to my sister in facebook. I am pretty sure that I am his favorite facebook-sister-in-law! Guess what??? When they do get married for reals.....I get to be the 1st one to know. Dani promised. You see......Dani and I never get told anything. She is going to let me be the 1st to know something........I promise that she will be the 1st to know if I ever have another kid. Its a win win for both of us.

Oh yeah, Brandon is a wanna be Pyro. He spent like 50 bucks on 10 fireworks. They are against the law in California. (he could have got the big pack at Harmon's for $47) Brandon...you should have been here when we lit fireworks off on the 24th....you would have loved them!

The best thing about Brandon is he thinks that I am funny!

This is my sisters dog....I mean baby.....Fizz. He is cool. He is famous to. He had a huge article wrote about him in a paper in California. He likes to pee on everything and I mean everything! Brandon lets fizz lick him on the lips.....eww. Fizz was licking other places and I would NEVER let him lick me on the face.

Dani and Brandon and Fizz.......you need to come and visit me and we will teach you how to DUTCH OVEN! I mean really Dutch oven! ...............We're having Chocolate Malts?!?!?!


  1. LOLOL You are so funny Mindy! And what a fun tribute. What a cute couple. I wonder what it would be like to be married to a Pyro?? Never a dull moment I'm sure. Wow,little Dani has grown up to be soooo pretty. I wish she remembered me but I bet she don't. :( I'm sad bout that! You ARE funny I agree with Brandon! Cute Fizz!


  3. I think I'm his favorite facebook sister-in-law. He hasn't had the chance to analyze me!

  4. You are funny Mindy! I love reading your blog. Looks like you are all doing great! Hopefully your grandma will recover soon. She seems like she is one awesome person. Hopefully we can get together with you guys soon.