Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grandma Great

This is my Grandma. She is great! Right now she is not feeling so great. She usually lives in St. George, but has decided to take a break from the heat and stay at my parents place, in Idaho, in her 5th wheel. It is nice. She even has a animal print comforter on her bed. My Grandma is SASSSSY!
On Sunday, she was straighting her rug at the entrance of her humble abode and she fell. She broke her pelvis in two places. See.....I told everyone that camping is never a good idea! Now she is either bed or wheelchair bound for the next two weeks. Worst part she can't even go to the Rodeo! :0(

I learned today that she is working on a new dance move called the Grandma Shuffle. I am sure that once she perfects and patents the move we will see her video on youtube or maybe on America's Got Talent!
I hope that she starts feeling GREAT really soon!

WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA! See you on Friday!


  1. Awww she's adorable Mindy. I swear I know her. Do I??? Well I hope she feels complete, really soon!!

  2. Grandma had a great day, she is doing everything but getting in and out of bed by herself. She needs someone to hold her feet together and left them or else it really hurts her. She loved your blog comment, it really made her smile.

  3. Hey, bring up the temple cards that are done with you on Friday. Don't forget!!