Thursday, March 12, 2009

Words you never want to hear your dentist say...

So, remember last month when I told you I had to get a root canal? Well, the time has come. I went in on Tuesday for my torture! Can I ask a question here. Why do they attempt to give things a good flavor? The numb gel they put on my gums tasted like pina-colada throw up. YUM! My dentist "shot" me up and left me to "cure" for about 30 minutes. They could have sat me up, but they opted to let me have the blood flow to my head for the whole time. My dentist came back and started my procedure. Tip: If you are getting even the slightest zingers, tell your dentist, he will give you more numb stuff. At least mine did. He wanted me to be comfortable. I personally find it really hard to be comfortable when you have a drill, vacuum, water squirter and 2 hands in your mouth. And another question. Why does your dentist want to have a conversation with you when you are in this predicament? Can't he see that you can't talk? Dentists must take some kind of interpretation class while they are in dental school! Or, maybe they just think it is funny to see us try. After he gets to my nerves, he needs to isolate the tooth. He put, I want to say a rubber glove with a hole in it around my tooth and attached it with clamps to the side and roof of my mouth. This hurts more than anything so far. I voice my grunts and he moves it around. Much better! He proceeds with my root canal and finishes up in about an hour. He says to me: The only thing we need to do now is get some molds for your temporary tooth and your crown and then you will be on your way. Thank goodness, it is almost over. Taking molds is no fun. It involves more yucky stuff in your mouth and this time they try and gag you. Twice! They take the 1st mold. Looks good he says! Second mold, he takes it off and says "OH CRAP!!" and leaves the room. He probably left the room to let the expletives fly. Don't leave me hanging! He comes back in the room. I have some bad news for you Mindy. How bad can it be, it was only a mold. Well, apparently you should only leave the molds on for the recommended time. Mine sat for too long and when they pulled it off, it pulled the entire "build up" with it. I am so lucky because I got to go back on Thursday for more torture! They had to "shot" me up again and build a post. This was another 2 hours. Talk about good times! So, in the past 48 hours, I have spent 5 hours being tortured by the dentist. Lucky for me, no problems with the second visit. Unless you count that every time I bite down on the temporary I swear that my tooth hurts. My permanent crown will be ready on the 29th and I will get to go back. Please say that I will not need more shots!


  1. I feel like I was right there with ya! That sounds oh too familiar and it's no wonder that I avoid the dentist at all costs! Yea that's the word "costs"!! It's a bundle!! You should remember us no dental insurance ppl and feel grateful that you only have a little pain and a little co-pay. Kudos to the dentist! Whoopeeee

  2. Oh that does not sound like a good time away from the kids. Hope you are doing well.

  3. I'm all for the sedation dentistry. I've done 1 root canal with it and 1 without. I like waking up and having it all done. :O)