Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mornings + Mindy = Mayhem!

Who knew that a key could cause so much stress! So, I drive the Jr. High Carpool on Thursday and Friday mornings. I personally think that mornings would be so much better if.......say.........they started around 10:00 A.M. You see, I do not function well in the morning and if I have a task to do....not the best combination. I also have a huge problem. I can never remember where I put my keys. I usually have to look in 5 different places to find them, but this such luck! You see, Kendall drove my car last. Something about: I was only getting a root canal and he might need to drive somewhere for Young Men's. Now, I need to leave my house no later than 7:35 to pick the kids up for school. I started looking for my keys about 7:20. This usually gives me plenty of time to find them. I could not find them! UGH! I enlisted Avery, Aushlynn and Madison to help me. We still cannot find them. I get a call at 7:40. Um, are you coming to pick us up???? I asked if I could talk to his mom. I told her my problem and she agreed to drive for me! I called Kendall, WHERE DID YOU PUT MY KEYS????? YOU DROVE LAST!!! He asked me if I was throwing things again? No! (that is another story) I checked everywhere, except where they were. I even prayed! I started to think that maybe they accidentally got thrown away! It would be my luck because the garbage man just came this morning. Well, 77 minutes after I started looking for the keys, I found them! This is how. Buddy was laying on my bed. (no, it was not made) I asked him if he knew where my keys were? He was laying on the bottom of the bed with his nose next to the footboard. As if to say, check here. I said to him, your not messing with me Buddy, are you? Because if you are I don't think that I can handle it. I put my hand down between the footboard and mattress and pulled out, you guessed it, MY KEYS!!! I guess I should have asked Buddy earlier. Hey Kendall, don't put my keys there! I would never think to look there!

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  1. LOL...seriously we totally relate HUGE on this one! Buddy the lifesaver! :)