Monday, March 9, 2009

Play Date!

I remember the few times that I went to McDonald's as a kid. First, I was grateful that I got to go. Second, I was happy with anything that my mother ordered me and I ate it all. Third, I remember the play equipment. Who can forget the metal Hamburger. (Hamburger jail) It must have been 130 degree in there. And the slide. You took a few layer of skin off each time you went down. The merry-go-round, don't even get me started! I think I left the playground with 3rd degree burns everytime. Playgrounds have come a long way since then.

Maddy is really, truely grateful that I took her on a playdate to McDonald's She just has a funny way of showing it!

This is Maddy's boyfriend Hunter. She thinks that he is mighty fine!

Maddy and her girlfriends

Maddy in the playtubes.

Maddy coming down the tube slide. (I think somebody needs a bigger shirt)

Maddy Playing basketball.

Maddy as the basketball! Three points!


  1. How about the day that we finally realized that we were to big to be in hamburger jail? I remember climbing up and not being able to contort my body to the correct position to get out of hamburger jail. It was reallllly hot up there! Remember Mom on the ground "coaching" me down and laughing the whole time?