Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday Feet!

I am not ashamed to admit it, I have another guy in my life. Let me explain. You see, I was lied to before I got married. Kendall used to rub my feet, it's true he did. Whenever I asked he would gladly rub and massage them, it was heaven. I did get some great foot rubs from Kendall when I was pregnant. I think that he felt obligated. I mean look what he did to me! Now, when I ask, he looks at my feet like they have some kind of disease. Gives me a little rub, rub and says is that good? No way! You can clearly tell that I was lead on!! That folks is where the other guy comes into play. His name is Hung and he is awesome. He has magical hands! He is jealous of my calves! He gives the best massage from the knees down! (For those who are not married, he is single, maybe I can hook you up!) He is also a artist! He works on small canvases. I went to see him on Saturday and had to wait 2 hours! He is worth the wait. No other man will ever touch these feet! (except maybe Kendall)


  1. Hahahahaha! Does Kendall know about Hung?

  2. Yes, he's jealous of course, but sometimes he even gives me the money to pay him.