Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're Famous!

Who new that someday we would be famous! Well, at least our house is. Our house is on a commercial for Action Plumbing. It has aired twice during the American Idol show. Last summer, the neighbor across the street, you know the one that pays Avery bookoo bucks, was making a commercial for his business. The people who were filming it asked me if it was okay if they set up the filming equipment in my yard. Sure, I had no problem with that. I am such a nice neighbor! An hour later they came back and asked if they could film the commercial in front of my house because they thought the lighting might be better. Okay, just let me clean up the bike and stuff off the lawn I said. Don't worry about it they said, we'll do it for you! Let's see, you want to clean up my yard! OK!! Well, I really have not thought anymore of it until 2 weeks ago when we saw the commercial during American Idol. Don't tell my neighbor that I think that the commercial is kinda lame, but do you see how the windows shine and how nice the grass looks! (Please excuse the bad video job. I know that we need a new TV too!) Do you think I can get Royalties??


  1. Yeah, check with the neighbor about royalties, good luck. Cute.

  2. Uuuh I'll have to agree with ya on this one.....Can you say.....Cheezy, Corny, I wouldn't wanna call commercial???? B rated!! Low budget lol. But too cool that your house is famous, although ya can only see one end of it. :) Hey and I love the cute little toes Mindy!! They're adorable! You go girl with the bed making....they say it only takes 21 days to form a habit, so ya only have two weeks to go....Yay!!

  3. Jasmine TOTALLY looks like a Bratz doll. I thought she looked vaguely familiar... lol. Good observation.