Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Training in Progress.....

Time is blazin' by....this girl only has 77 days left in the mission field. That's only 6652800 seconds left....who wants to count with me?? 1 Mississippi....2 Mississippi....just kidding....that would take me 77 days to count! Here is what Hermana Brown had to say this week...

Hey Guys! 

Wow this week has been all sorts of emotions! On Monday night I was still with Hermana Ramos and we were pretty much freaking out. We didn’t sleep a wink lol. When we got to the mission home the next day I was pondering on how I felt the first day of my mission..... crazy to think that was so long ago. I feel like I just got here! Well I guess you have all seen pictures from President Rasmussen so yes I am with Hermana Araya! She is from Chile! I am content! I’m still a little nervous to have such a big responsibility but I am so ready for the challenge and most of all to work hard until the end!

Well I know you are all dying to know. My leg is getting a little better but with the heat and rain we are having here its having a hard time drying. It’s not keeping me from working which is good but it still hurts pretty bad. Okay so with the rain and the heat it is bringing out so many flies and mosquitos! ITS TERRIBLE!!! I woke up one morning with like 50 bites all over my back... I’m still trying to recover from that! I’m really nervous that I’m going to get dengue right before I leave!! I literally bathe in repellent daily but it doesn’t really help... it’s awful.

The heat here lately has been off the charts.... I’m so glad that for p-day today we went to Paita and to the beach! It was so nice to relax by the beach! I remembered sunscreen so I’m not completely burnt ha ha! We played soccer on the beach and also some volleyball. Then we ate at a restaurant right off the beach. THERE WAS A TON OF FLIES THOUGH. Eww. 

A Miracle that we saw this week is that my convert Jose that got baptized in January got his temple recommend and is attending the Trujillo temple on the 25th! I am super excited for him! He is progressing so fast in the gospel and I know he will be a great leader some day! 

Well a little about my daughter/comp! She is from Chile, Vina De Mar. She loves to sing and loves everything girly! She takes a lot of time to get ready ha ha. I just roll out of bed throw a dress on brush my hair and call it good lol. It’s too hot here to do stuff with my hair or my face! She is 21 years old. She HATES all bugs... she will suffer a little here lol. All and all she is super sweet and loves to learn new things! Also she knows english and wants to perfect it with me.... That will be cool. Although I have kind of forgotten a little bit ha ha. 

Well I love you all! Hope you all are safe back home! I miss you guys! 

Hermana Brown

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