Monday, February 6, 2017

yes...yes....a thousand times yes!

You remember a few posts back when I told you that I was asked to the big Valentines day dance. Well to refresh you memories I was asked by the hottest guy in the tri-stake area! Don't be jealous...I am sure a hot guy would ask you to if you made them...haha! 

Anyways...I got around to answering him. It was kinda hard as I am always at home and if I ever leave the house he wants to come with me. I had a few ideas of how to deliver it. I thought of putting it in his clerks office...but he did not have meetings this week. I thought about having the bishop call him up in sacrament....this would be funny but I am sure if I did this he would never ask me again. I decided on help from the neighbors.  I was able to get the stuff together and ran it across the street while he was getting gas for Madi at Costco. Jeff and Kim agreed to run it back across the street and doorbell ditch for me when he got back. Jeff also made sure Kim knew he still had until Payton was in high school before he needed to do something like this....haha! 

So when Kendall got home I texted her and told her he was ready.....she came a few minutes later and dropped it on the doorstep.....rang the bell 10 or so times and ran away....she told me that it was fun and she felt like she was in high school..:0)! Well to bad Kendall had just ran down stairs to put the Ritz away even though I told him to leave them on the counter. Sigh.....when he came upstairs he asked who was and Dyllon both played dumb....I don't know go check........this is what he found!

I just wonder what he has planned for our day date!

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