Saturday, February 4, 2017

the Mike and Ike....

Folks....I think we have been scammed by the following individual.....not that I am complaining or anything.   But think about it....should we really bring relying on rodents to predict our weather? I went outside today and it was beautiful! My phone thermometer says that it is 56 degrees. Almost time for us Utahans to break out our shorts and flip flops!

Here is a picture of my front yard. Nearly all the snow is melted. I am predicting and early spring. You are welcome everybody. It was so nice that me and Kendall took a walk on the Mike and Ike. What is the Mike and Ike you might ask? The Mike and Ike is the two roads that are to the side of our house on 3210 west. Our kids named them the Mike and Ike when they were little because of their shape.. They would ask if they could ride their bike's around the  Mike and Ike....this was way back when they would actually ask if they could do something.  Anyway this part of the neighborhood will always be the Mike and Ike to Me!

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