Monday, March 27, 2017

My heart is heavy...

This post is hard to write....Aush has been having a rough time out in the mission. Training was not the best experience she has had on the mission. It was difficult....we are grateful it is done. She was transfered last week to Miraflores to serve the last transfer of her mission with cute little Hermana Pinckard. Her poor companion has been sick...bless her heart, because of this missionary work has been hard. To top it all off the rains in Peru have been devastating.

Aushlynn is right in the center of the flooding. In fact today the river overflowed it's banks and flooded the city. This in turn caused Aush and her companion to abandon their apartment with the clothes on their backs. This breaks my heart. I have no idea if they can return for their belongings or if they will even be there if they are ever able to.  The poor girl is not even wearing her favorite dress.

They are currently staying with the Hermanas in of them is Hermana Pay that she was companions with in the CCM. They are watching the waters and praying that it won't reach this apartment. Food and fresh water are difficult to come by. Power is out everywhere. I guess you don't want the power with the lines so close to the flood waters...that would be tragic.

The missionaries spent some time today swimming in the flood waters and helping rescue people and children from their homes. It is so sad they have lost everything.

There has been talk of sending the missionaries affected to serve in Lima or sending some home. With only 36 days left to serve it might be an early homecoming for her. It's just talk...we will have to wait and see.

Really there is not much that we can do. We can pray for her. Done...every minute. I called and put her name in the temple and Elder Hills... and all the missionaries serving in the Piura Peru mission. I just got a voice mail because it is a Monday and a mommas gotta do what a mommas gotta do. We are holding a special fast for her tomorrow. Not just for her but for the missionaries and the people of Piura. This has been catastrophic for them. Aushlynns stuff is so easy for us to replace once she gets home, but for those who live there it is a different story. Please join us if you would like. It is something that we can do. I am praying that the ground will somehow turn thirsty and absorb the water. I am praying that the rains will cease so no more water is brought to the area. I am praying for safety.

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