Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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Well....Sunday before sacrament meeting was pretty awesome for me. I checked my phone and I had a message. I pulled it up and.....BAZINGA!!! I hit the jackpot....someone in Peru had sent me pictures of Aushlynn....I seriously love it when that happens. 

So we heard from Aushlynn on Monday......some good....some not so good....I think that she may be in some type of competition with her brother to see who can have more injuries. Turns out a pot of boiling water accidently got knocked over onto her thigh.....OWIES!! She had to go to the hospital to have her injury treated. Because of rainy weather it is not healing very well.....poor girl. We have sent her some supplies and she is being taken care of by the mission office. Hopefully it heals up quickly and causes her little pain. seems that they have been in singing "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" in Peru because the rains have been tumblin' down over there. They are having really bad flooding but at least it's not blazing hot while it rains. Here is what she had to day for the week!

Hey Guys

I dropped my mini missionary off  in the morning at her house! It was super bittersweet to meet her family and to see where she lives! She lives in very humble circumstances! It was a good six weeks with her. I hope that she has a desire to serve a full-time mission when she turns 18. We have had ALOT of rain this past week and she has been worried about her house and family but everything was okay! The area is so bad right now with all of the rain we have been having. We really don’t have roads it’s all just dirt and well when dirt mixes with water it just makes a lot of mud. Woooo. We come back to our room soaked everyday... even though we had an umbrella! 

So don’t be alarmed but I had a little accident on Monday night and I got burned by boiling hot water. It burned my whole thigh. We went to the hospital Sunday afternoon because it was looking infected and hurting really bad. They gave me cream and pills and cleaned it out but its sooooo hot and humid here that it’s just not drying so I have no clue how it’s going to heal. I’ll keep you updated.

So today is transfers and well for my last two transfers of the mission I am training! I’m nervous to train but excited to for the opportunity. There are three Hermanas coming in. One from Chile and two from the US. Not sure who my companion will be because we don’t pick them up until Wednesday.

Also it sounds like Elder hill is also training. I found this out this morning! That will be cool to see him! I will also see him at 5 weeks! When we do follow up training with our companions.

Hermana Ramos is also training so she is staying the day/night with me until tomorrow when we get our companions! It’s so fun to be with her again! She was definitely one of my favorite companions! 

Bad news though.... my new district leader is a Patriots fan.... I think we are going to have a lot of disagreements! Ha ha I think my whole mission I’ve been learning patience for this moment ha ha no.

If I had to pick a favorite moment from this week it would be on Sunday, during a lesson with our investigator Brittney. She began telling us about very severe things she has gone through in her life, and after she really opened up, we asked "How have you found peace after going through all of these things?" And she said, 

"I found peace when I found forgiveness for myself, and others. When I knew that God loved me, I knew that I could love who I was becoming."

I'm telling you, these investigators that the Lord is working with are incredible. It always becomes a fun game when you are in the middle of a lesson trying to keep yourself together -- but keeping yourself together is just not a Aushlynn thing, so I just act casual that tears are pouring out of my eyes, and move on. :-)

What Brittney said, really struck a chord with me, that true peace comes from forgiveness, of ourselves and of others. I think that's why the Atonement is so essential, because without it, there is no forgiveness, there is no peace. There really is no need to hang on to anything because all it really does is hurt us in the end. True peace comes when we know that God loves us, and because he loves us we can love, and we can forgive, too. Maybe, we can all be a little more like Brittney this week.

Well that’s pretty much it for the week! Wish me luck in training!


Hermana Brown

Aush and her mini missionary and members in her ward.
Isn't she the cutest?
 My Sunday pictures...yay!

 The flooding in her area. know how we hate road construction? Well we need to be super grateful for it. Our roads have drainage systems built in so we do not have these issues.
Aush is a Missionary Momma is her daughter Herman Donoso....can't wait to here about her.
New missionaries and the trainers.

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