Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gratitude Day Two

Today I am thankful for my second son Avery. Avery is such a great kid. He hardly ever gives me any trouble. Avery is a hard worker and does not mind getting his hands dirty. I am glad that Avery is such a good student. He keeps up with his school work and never have to ask him if he has homework. I am grateful that Avery has such a strong testimony of the gospel and that he is not afraid to share it. Ever since he was little, every month he has shared his testimony at church. I appreciate that he is able to do this because it is so hard for me to get up and bear my testimony. I am grateful that Avery is such a good friend. He has so many different friends. i think that Avery is a friend to everyone. I love that he always watches out for those who have challenges in life. He is very compassionate towards others. I am glad that Avery was born into our family. I don't know what I would do without him. I love you Avery!

P.S. I think Avery would be down right perfect if he got a haircut! ;0)

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