Monday, January 17, 2011


School has started up for me once again. I have to tell you that I dread both of my classes. CIS 1020 and COMM 1010. Both of the classes are required to graduate and they both SUCK rocks. CIS 1020 is the class that you have to learn Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Access. Let me just tell you right off that me and Excel can never be friends. I hate that program. Since I am taking an online class, I have a pretty sucky teacher. She does not know anything. COMM 1010 is a communication class for learning how to communicate at work. The communication at my work is pretty simple. VERBAL! I don't text or email the kids?? Maybe I should have the Littles start emailing me when they have a problem instead of whining. Do you think that it will work? This class is gonna be hard as the teacher expects 5-6 page essays with every assignment. Pretty hard to do with the communication at my work. SIGH!

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