Monday, November 7, 2011

Gratitude Day Three

Today I am thankful for Aushlynn. I was so excited to learn that the 3rd child was finally a girl. I remember when I was in labor with her, I told the Dr. that if she was not a girl I was going to kill him. He said that I was talking to the wrong person. I said no, a girl without an epidural was worth it, a boy was not! Aushlynn is turning into such a beautiful girl. She already has tons of boy admirers. UGH! Aushlynn is a very smart girl and can excel in school if she just puts her mind to it. Her favorite hobbies are boys and talking on the phone. Aushlynn loves to go on a good coupon haul. She is just like her mother. Aushlynn is super loud, you will never miss anything that she has to say. Aushlynn is the queen of taking her own picture. She looks awesome in all that she takes. Look above for a sample! She is a awesome sister. Aushlynn has a beautiful voice. She loves singing, unless someone asks her to, go figure? I love you Aushlynn!

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