Wednesday, December 14, 2016

another week bites the dust....

Hey Guys!

Wow where do I even start this week? First things first the heat has been cranking up like 10 notches... I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive one last Piura summer... blehh. Also, yes it was Hermana Glunts last week! It was good but really sad. She loves it here and has mixed feelings about going home but I know she will do so great! I haven’t said my last goodbye because I am seeing my 3 companions that I have had here (Thomas, Sandi and Glunt ) off. That probably will be hard.. I don’t know we will see. 

This week we had our Christmas party at the Presidente’s house! Ha ha man that guy always knows how to deliver! It was super fun and chill day. I ate pizza... took pictures.. played some games and watched movies and got to hang out with people I have served with! We got new holders for our temple recommends and they are sweeeeet. Man I love those mission presidents of mine!

Well as you know I had transfers this week! I am staying in Capullanas but here’s that curve ball President always seem to throw... I also have an area called Enace that we are over! What.... oh also my companion is Hermana Tinini from Bolivia and she will be going home the day after Christmas..... hahaha so that’s my awkward mission life right now. I’m nervous but I know I will see miracles!!  It will be an interesting 2 weeks to say the least but I am SOOOO excited to see you guys on skype on Christmas day. It has been too long!

Missionary work is incredible ... hard, but incredible. It is incredible the things you learn about yourself in such a short time. Definitely I am my first convert.

Love you all!!! Trust in your Heavenly Father … He loves you all so much!

Stay true and be good!!!

Xoxo Hermana Brown

Hermana Brown and Hermana's hard to say goodbye.

Aushlynn's new companion is Hermana Tinini. She is in the red shirt and the black and white skirt.

Aushlynn's and her companion with the mission president.
Puppy...can I keep him mama????
This is our laundry lady.
Recreating a picture at the Christmas party.

Christmas with the Rasmussen's.

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